Everything You Need to Know About Coroplast!

Author: FASTSIGNS® of Kitchener-Waterloo

Plastic signs, yard signs, cor-plastic, corrugated plastic signs, and realtor signs are only some of the examples of what I have heard our clients call these signs. What they are all looking for is a Coroplast sign. They’re plastic sheets that have many names, and even more uses!

What is Coroplast?

Coroplast is the trademark brand name of the worlds largest distributor of corrugated plastic. Corrugated plastic boards are basically plastic cardboard. Coroplast consists of a zig-zagged layer of plastic, sandwiched between two smooth layers of plastic sheeting. The middle of the Coroplast consists of channels known as flutes. The flutes can run vertically or horizontally, depending on whether your sign is landscape or portrait.

What are some of the advantages of using Coroplast?

Coroplast is a perfect blend of durable, economical and lightweight. This combination makes Coroplast very versatile.

Durable - Coroplast signs are very durable, they can take a serious stand against the elements. If you want your sign to last longer, we recommend that you laminate it. Laminating your sign will protect it against sun damage for much longer.

Economical - Coroplast is one of the least expensive materials used for outdoor signage.

Lightweight - For transporting, coroplast is very lightweight.

Notice signage on the wall

What are common uses of Coroplast?

The most common use of Coroplast is for temporary outdoor signs. Some examples include election signs and real estate signs. You could use them as “For Sale” signs or wayfinding signs for outdoor events. Coroplast is even used for outdoor menu signs and inserts for A-Frames!

How to print on Coroplast?

There are two ways to print on Coroplast. First, by printing the artwork on regular vinyl and then mounting it onto the Coroplast. The second way would be to print directly on to the coroplast.

How to display your coroplast sign?

Coroplast is extremely versatile. With versatility comes many different ways to display your coroplast sign.

Zip ties/Hooks - The most common way is with zip ties or hooks. We always recommend using grommets, so it’s easier to hang your Coroplast sign. Using our Best Practices, if your sign is small, you should only put grommets in the corners. If your sign is larger we always recommend a grommet every 12”-24” so it makes the sign easier to hang.

A-Frames - A-frames signs are very useful if you want to display your signage on a sidewalk during your business hours and take it down at closing. A –frames are also a great marketing tool to tell your customers that you have a special or a sale happening at your business.

H-Stakes/ Spider Stakes - The classic yard signs use H-Stakes so you are able to stick them in the ground.

Colorplast real estate exterior signage

How to care for your coroplast sign?

Taking care of your coroplast sign is important as well. Here is some best practice techniques on how to maintain your coroplast sign.

Clean your sign- If you are planning on re-using your sign multiple times, we always recommend cleaning your sign with soap and water. If you are worried about germs you can always wipe the sign down with vinegar and water.

Storing correctly - If your coroplast sign is a seasonal or a special occasional sign you can bring it inside. Once your sign is inside and has been cleaned, you are going to want to store it in a cool dry area, somewhere it will not get damaged.As well, if you are storing multiple signs do not store them graphic to graphic as they might stick to each other. Our best practice is by laying it flat or leaning against a wall. Do not fold your Coroplast sign. Folding your coroplast sign will cause your sign to be damaged.

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