Custom Frosted Vinyl Can Add Elegance & Privacy to Your Offices

Author: FASTSIGNS® of Manhattan, NY - Penn Station

Custom Frosted Vinyl has become very popular for the glass offices and conference rooms as it has many advantages from elegance to privacy to control outside lights. 


In the new era, offices are getting a modern and open structure where everybody can see each other and surrounded by conference rooms. As people prefer some privacy and less distractions while conducting important business meetings, Frosted Vinyl also called Etched Glass Vinyl helps them to protect both Privacy and Less-Distraction.

Decorative Art Work

The sophisticated offices like the good interior design and great looking ambience for employees as well as visiting customers. Frosted Vinyl can help beautify the office.

Controlling the unnecessary Extra Light and Shading

In our observation, many customers prefer Frosted Vinyl or Etched windows to control incoming light and filtering. Frosted Vinyl depending on the thickness of the material can meet the needs of the customers, guests, and employees.

For great ideas, add elegance to add to your glass offices, and add privacy, contact our specialists or request a quote.