Modulex Wayfinding System

Seamlessly Integrate Branding and Wayfinding? Authorized modulex reseller sign examples - comprehensive wayfinding solutions

FASTSIGNS provides comprehensive visual communications solutions for wayfinding and brand identity. As an authorized Modulex reseller, we solve your challenges and enhance the look of your building or environment with modular signage systems.

Using simple, elegant and flexible components from Modulex, we brand your directional and wayfinding signs, building directories and wall and door signs. Great for interior and exterior use, FASTSIGNS can help your corporate, educational, healthcare or other campus facility look better and be easier to navigate. You can rely on FASTSIGNS to help you expand or replace modular components, too.

Founded by the Lego Group, Modulex features distinctive curved designs and elegant lines. Our visual communications consultants recommend flexible, durable Modulex signage that works well in various environments, and meets current ISO 9001 standards.

Ready to increase your brand identity and visibility with great wayfinding signs and graphics? FASTSIGNS is more than ready to help.


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