Healthcare & Hospital Signs

Navigating hospitals, clinics, and other healthcare facilities can be difficult for patients and visitors. This is especially true during times of emergency or duress, during which people need clear-cut directions to find where they need to go. Even if your facility is large and full of different wards, this problem can be solved with the right signage. With FASTSIGNS, you’ll be able to design and set up custom signs to help patients and guests travel around your hospital with more clarity.

Directional and Wayfinding Signage

From directional signs in parking lots and entrances to directional guides throughout the facility, hospitals and healthcare providers must inform visitors of where to go. Clear signage can prevent guests from wandering around the facility, which helps patients get to their appointments on time and helps hospitals avoid congestion around important pathways.

Digital Hospital Signage

Hospitals and healthcare facilities get busy fast, so having large swaths of information on individual signs tends to be inefficient. A simple solution is using digital signs, which can easily be edited and updated to direct guests based on where they are installed in the facility. If digital signs are utilized as directories or portals, you can disseminate more information in one clearly visible location. They may also fill in for physical signs or leave rotating messages for visitors to read, like words of encouragement, general information, or important updates to the hospital's policies.

Room Signage

Many healthcare facilities have hundreds of rooms, so it can be frustrating for new and returning patients to figure out where to go for their appointments. We can help you solve this problem with high-quality room signs and displays, making it easier for visitors to find their destinations and for staff to point them in the right direction when asked.

Safety Signage

Doctors, nurses, and other medical staff remain vigilant while they are on duty in the hospital to maintain a safe, hygienic environment. However, facilities often have biohazard rooms, restricted areas, emergency exits, and general precaution zones that are off-limits for guests. Installing safety signage around these areas can help guests and staff abide by the proper procedures and quickly realize if they are heading somewhere that they shouldn't be.

Reliable Signs for Hospitals

Hospitals and clinics are often large and busy, but it doesn’t have to be difficult for patients and guests to navigate a facility. As a leading visual communications provider, FASTSIGNS is ready to assist you with every category of healthcare and hospital signage - whether you’re a new facility looking to open sometime soon or an existing medical center wanting to upgrade.

With over 700 locations across nine countries, our comprehensive sign solutions cover every facet of healthcare signage and many other fields and industries. Our experts are available for consulting on custom designs, production, and more with a quick request. They’ll also be happy to help with file delivery, installations, and project management for major and minor objectives.

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