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The World's Most Famous Signs

The world’s most iconic signs can be found on postcards, t-shirts, popular vacation photos and all over social media. Whether the sign was made famous by the location, what it represents or by its pop culture significance, these one-of-a-kind signs are continually photographed and shared. Peop

How to Promote a Product or Service Around Your Community

Communities are unique areas where people live, work and conduct business. How do you reach people away from your location and promote your products or services? Here are a few ways you can help you get the message out: 1. With Vehicle Graphics Vehicle graphics can move your message around town an

Flaunt What You’ve Got by Promoting Your Message Outside Of Your Location

“You never get a second chance to make a first impression,” said Will Rogers. If people don’t like what they see or experience on the outside, they may never set foot inside or consider doing business with you. Here are a few ways to promote a product or service outside of your loc

A Day in the Life of FASTSIGNS®: Multi-Unit Owner Mark Glenn

After working at FASTSIGNS International, Inc., for the corporate office for 15 years, Mark Glenn first took ownership of FASTSIGNS® of Carrollton, Texas, along with his wife Shawn, in 2011. In their first three years the Carrollton center’s sales volume tripled. Today, Mark and Shawn own

3 Ideas for Creating Interactive Brand Experiences

An interactive brand experience provides the opportunity to create a more memorable impression with a customer, patient or prospect; it goes beyond marketing and allows the opportunity for a deeper experience with your brand, its mission or services. Your signs and visual graphics play an important

Father's Day 2019: FASTSIGNS Franchisees Share Why They Love the Family Business Model

Working together in a family business provides a great way to create shared experiences, take advantage of different skill sets and build wealth together for future generations. In honor of Father’s Day 2019, FASTSIGNS International, Inc. is highlighting some of the many father and adult &ldqu

A Recipe for Success: How to Place an Order for the Best Restaurant Signs and Graphics

Providing quality food and service creates invaluable word-of-mouth marketing, but when potential patrons arrive, are your restaurant signs appealing? The signs and visual graphics both outside and inside of your establishment can impact the overall customer experience. Here are some tips for incorp

Creating Signs for an Aging Generation That Is On The Go

Creating signs and visual graphics for an aging generation should not be restricted to retirement homes and medical facilities. With improvements in healthcare and technology, this active generation is continuing to participate in all facets of daily life, and they have the time and financial means

Letters of Thanks During National Military Appreciation Month

At FASTSIGNS®, our franchisees try to make a difference in the military community whenever possible. During National Military Appreciation Month, we wanted to share how one franchisee recently took time to give back in his local community. Todd Taylor, franchisee at FASTSIGNS of Missoula, rece

How Personalized Signs and Graphics Can Enhance Wedding Planning

A wedding is a joyous event, with family and friends helping to celebrate a special day. A lot is invested in this day - both emotionally and financially - and making it a personal, memorable and smoothly run event is up to the professional wedding planner. Here are some ways to help the happy coup

Why Spring is the Time to Clean up your Visual Communications Solutions

Spring is a time of change and therefore, the ideal time to clean up your visual communications solutions. But why, you ask? Here are a few reasons we think that Spring can be perfect for change: 1. It’s a Time of Visual Rebirth With the weather and plants changing, fashion trends emerging a

Make An Impact: How to Brand Your New Space with Signs and Visual Graphics

As you have built your business or organization over the years, you have worked to craft a clear brand identity to represent it. Moving to a new location or expanding in a current space provides the perfect opportunity to assess your visual elements to ensure that your signs and visual graphics help

Generation V(ideo)

“It’s 2019, video needs to be integral in your brand strategy. Your target audience (Gen V) *can’t live without it." So, Who is Gen V? I recently watched an AdWeek Webinar: Amplify the Impact of Gen V(ideo). This webinar was sponsored by Adobe so, while it was also an advertiseme

6 Ways to Get More People Through Your Doors With Door Signs

We walk in and out of doors every day. With that kind of continuous interaction, you don’t want to miss an opportunity to make your door a messaging space with an impactful door sign. Here are six ways you can dress up your door signs to make the most of that daily exposure. 1. Turn Your Doo

And That’s a (Unique) Wrap, Folks!

“When you can do a common thing in an uncommon way; you will command the attention of the world,” said George Washington Carver. Unlikely objects or spaces can become perfect places to get your message out on signage as unique wraps. FASTSIGNS® is all about customized messaging, so h

The Value of Rebranding An Existing Space with Signs and Graphics

Things change. Time moves on and so do people. Businesses and organizations often need to move with these changes, adapting to the evolving needs of customers, patients and employees, even when staying in the same physical location. These three brands show how visually rebranding in their existing s

Earth Day 2019: 4 Steps You Can Take to Help the Environment

Locally and internationally, organizations and companies are growing in their knowledge and interest in “going green.” Better products, better disposal and better practices all help ensure a better future for generations to come. Here are some ways to take steps in the right direction as

How to Communicate and Reinforce Company Culture With Signs and Graphics

Imagine having a place to work that provides a great environment for employees to create amazing output because they are on the same page. By communicating your company culture to your employees using branded signs and visual graphics, you can reinforce purpose, provide timely information and motiva

Make Golf Cart Wraps Par for the Course

At FASTSIGNS®, we get to have a lot of fun with vinyl. Vehicle graphics aren’t just limited to company vehicles; they can also adorn everything from boats and jetskis to construction vehicles and golf carts. As we get ready for warmer weather and all of the outdoor events that come with i

How to Know Which Typefaces and Fonts are the Easiest to Read

First Glance A sign should first and foremost be functional. It has a purpose—to communicate. Any sign or visual graphic with word-based communication needs a typeface and font that is easy to read. It is important that your chosen type be consistent with the image your brand is projecting,

3 Ways to Effectively Create Workplace Privacy

Workplace collaboration is all the rage, but many employees still need some privacy to be able to accomplish their jobs. Corporations, seeking to accommodate, can provide privacy without losing complete visibility or having to invest in a space redesign through the use of signs and visual graphics.

Tips for How to Come up With A Business Name

Your business name is very important—it will be with you for years, maybe even generations. It will likely be the first thing potential customers hear or see about your business. How do you come up with a business name? It takes careful thought and consideration, but don’t let that intim

Signs of Forever: 3 Memorable and Creative Wedding Proposals

Private or public, simple or dramatic, marriage proposals are as different as the couples who are making the decision to choose forever with one another. Getting a little (or a lot) creative with a proposal has been around long before smartphones and social media made them more readily consumed. We

How Wayfinding Signs Handle the Job of Keeping People Safe

The beginning of a safety mindset starts with determining specific locations that visitors, employees, patients and others, in and around a facility should use extra care when navigating. The next step is providing the proper wayfinding signs and visual graphics around those particular spaces. Here

Thoughts of Inspiration and Gratitude for International Women’s Day 2019

International Women’s Day, which is recognized every year on March 8, is a day for celebrating the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women around the world. We are grateful to have our corporate office led by an Executive team that is 50% female and a growing network of

Thinking “Inside the Box” Can Improve Efficiency in Wayfinding

Finding one’s way is not always as easy as it seems. People need to be able to both find your establishment and navigate in and around it before they can do business with you, attend an event, seek employment or anything else they want to do in person. Accessibility and findability increase en

3 Visual Brand Executions That We Loved in 2018

Rarely do we get a second chance when it comes to making that first impression. At FASTSIGNS®, we love getting to help organizations and businesses of all sizes make great first impressions with custom signs, graphics and branding. Here is a look at a handful of visual communications executions

Maximizing Your Events with Wayfinding Signs and Graphics

Planning an event involves many moving parts and sometimes, things that could dramatically improve an attendee’s experience are unintentionally forgotten. Understanding the potential challenges an attendee can face will help you create an effective visual communications plan for your next even

Planning An Event? 6 Idea Starters to Brand Your Event

Are you planning an event? Signs and visual graphics entice people to attend your event, direct people around the event and help reinforce your message. Here are examples of six different types of events and the signage used for them to to help spark some ideas for your next event. 1. Community Eve

3 Ways To Promote Your Business For The Big Game

Every year, over 100 million viewers tune in for the big game and each year, for the last four years, consumers have spent over $14 billion on food, beverages, and apparel.1 This presents an excellent opportunity for the local market as 75% of consumers will purchase these game day necessities in-st

Ways to Take Your Message To the Street

As a marketer, you only have seven or eight seconds to capture the attention of your audience. On average, humans are exposed to as many as 5,000 messages a day, which means you must make your message count. In addition to ensuring that you have attention-getting signs and graphics, take your messag

Light Up Your Visual Marketing Strategy with Illuminated Framed Graphic Displays

Illuminated framed graphic displays provide a unique way to shine a light on your brand message. Sleek and attractive, these displays do more than just frame your products; they are also energy efficient. Glow from Within Provide a welcoming touch in your building entrance or lobby by placing wall

Pantone Colors of the Year: Reminiscing the 2010’s

The PANTONE® Color of the Year is so much more than a swatch. It inspires trends from interior design to sneakers, influences branding in every industry and captures the emotional tone of the year for posterity. Pantone’s color chart provides color codes to ensure accurate communication fo

How to Promote Products and Services Inside Your Location with Impactful Signs and Graphics

Signs and visual graphics play an important role in the day-to-day success of a business, as they communicate important messages, extend your brand culture and help improve the customer experience. Promote your products and services inside your location with signs and graphics that attract attentio

12 Days of Signs and Visual Graphics

‘Tis the season to be inspired and also evaluate your company or organization’s signs and visual graphics needs. In true holiday fashion, we have crafted the 12 Days of Signs and Visual Graphics to inspire you to incorporate the following branded products into your marketing efforts. Joi

Ownership Change Required Swift Rebranding for Hospital

When UofL Hospital in Louisville, Kentucky, underwent an ownership change, the entire hospital campus needed to replace all of their signs and graphics to reflect their new brand messaging and look. FASTSIGNS® worked around the clock to remove the old signs and graphics with the previous brandin

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