Vehicle Graphics

Building Brand Awareness: The Value of Vehicle Graphics

Author: Vanessa Davidson

Do you ever find yourself driving down the road or at a busy intersection surrounded by cars, service vans and delivery trucks, and notice the ones that stand out from the rest? They often have colorful product photos and brand messages on them, and they provide a marketing impression with every mile driven.

Although you may not think of them as signs, vehicle graphics are signs that help build awareness for a brand, product or service. Eye-catching graphics can be placed on the sides of vehicles as panel graphics or removable door magnetics, added to side or back windows using special materials that don’t obstruct the driver’s view, or placed all over the vehicle with a full wrap.

According to a September, 2016 study by AAA, Americans spend an average of 17,600 minutes a year – the equivalent of 293 hours or 12.2 twenty-four hour days – driving. A study by the Traffic Audit Bureau of Media Measurement, renamed Geopath in 2016, estimates that the average US traveler drives almost 40 miles per day.

A vehicle graphic is the perfect way to reach people when they are in transit. Why? Vehicle graphics have a one-time cost (and how else can you promote to a large and diverse mobile audience and not pay ongoing media costs?) and the creative design options are almost limitless. We’ve even put a digital display on a bus!

From vibrant photographic images to colorful logos and catchy slogans, technology advancements have made it possible and more affordable for organizations and businesses to display their message on virtually any vehicle including on tractor trailers, earthmoving equipment, golf carts, boats, bicycles and more.

Want to get more attention on the road? Contact the experts at your local FASTSIGNS center.

three cars wrapped with graphic for wave broadband

Fleet of trucks wrapped with graphic

Fleet of vehicles

White van wrapped with Holiday Wine Cellar graphic

Van that promotes what a company does

Construction equipment with window graphic decals

Earthmoving equipment

18-wheeler tractor-trailer Wrapped with USA BMX brand messaging

18-wheeler / tractor trailer

Golf cart wrapped in FastSigns decal

Wrapped golf cart

Bus wrapped with decal and digital sign on back of bus

Bus with digital sign