Growing Church Transforms Movie Theater into New Home

by Cynthia Nutwell

The Challenge

Rivers Crossing Community Church contacted FASTSIGNS® for a consultation when it moved from a community center to a large movie theater that needed renovation.

Rivers Crossing Community Church 1

The Solution

Rivers Crossing needed FASTSIGNS to create well-planned, signs and graphics for its expansive space to create a unified look, inform the congregation about upcoming events and help visitors find their way around in the new facility.

Rivers Crossing Community Church 9

Frequent meetings and onsite visits with Rivers Crossing Community Church officials during the construction build-out allowed FASTSIGNS to produce signs and visual graphics to meet the needs of the interesting space.

Rivers Crossing Community Church 8

FASTSIGNS designed a standing, triangle-shaped entrance sign that featured key messages, event reminders and announcements to connect with members and welcome visitors. The three-sided sign featured snap frames for changeable graphics and multiple messages.

Rivers Crossing Community Church 3

Rivers Crossing Community Church 4


FASTSIGNS created a comprehensive solution including exterior billboard graphics, dimensional letters for the entrances to the auditorium and coffee bar signs. FASTSIGNS created dimensional wayfinding signs for the River Kids check-in area that carried out a design theme using tan and brown graphics.

Rivers Crossing Community Church 6


FASTSIGNS’ Jon Blum said his favorite part of this project was the timeline wall, a physical environment for the church to share its history in a prominent foyer location.

“The timeline told the story of the growth of the church,” Blum said. “We added graphics to the words, ‘Greater things are yet to come’ and spaced out the graphics to leave room for future events and themes.”

The finishing touches included custom wallpaper designed to surround a dimensional logo created with stainless steel, shaped with a pattern and mounted to a curved wall.

Rivers Crossing Community Church 5


James Bailey, Creative Director, Rivers Crossing Community Church said, “Our church wants to expand over the next few years. We wanted a logo sign and it was above our expectations. It’s a focal point to help new people know where to go. With a large building, you can’t do small signage; it would just get lost. It’s been a huge success.”

Rivers Crossing Community Church 7

The Result

From policy signs and ADA signage to wayfinding and décor graphics, FASTSIGNS created a new look for the renovated church home. The projects were completed in time for the grand opening of the new church auditorium and children’s classrooms.

Rivers Crossing Community Church 2

“The church was concerned that the space might look like an empty warehouse because they moved from a small building to a giant, oversized movie theater,” Blum said. “The client was happy that the large scale of the signs and graphics fit the space very well.”

FASTSIGNS® Cincinnati, OH - Mason is owned by Jon Blum.

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