4 Awesome Product Launches that Made a Lasting Impact

by Christina Krenek

In today’s ultra-competitive and digitally-connected marketplace, businesses and organizations continue to face challenges in reaching their audience, attracting attention and effectively promoting products and services in such a way that will make customers keep coming back for more. 

Research from Schneider Associates’ Most Memorable New Product Launch Survey found that more than 70,000 new products are launched every year in the U.S. alone, but in 2015, about half of the U.S. population could not recall a single new product launched. Additionally, only about a third of consumers could recall any new product launched in 2016.

So how can you attract attention and make your products and services shine? Let’s take a look at a few successful product launches from both national brands and small businesses that made a lasting impact, and how you can too.


The Apple Watch, which was possibly one of Apple’s most successful product launches in history, was officially released in April 2015; but the tech giant began promoting the smartwatch as early as 2013 to create buzz and peak interest about the novel product. Leading up to the official launch, Apple began unveiling images of the smartwatch around the country by featuring advertisements in popular magazines and displaying the Apple Watch on retail graphics and billboards. The Apple Watch’s visual communications strategy remained consistent with the company’s previous products’ and overall brand image—sleek and simple. In turn, loyal Apple customers already felt an emotional connection to the newest accessory from the brand and had a desire to purchase it. Apple reportedly received $7 million in pre-orders alone.

Apple product launch

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In 2016, Sephora introduced a new interactive retail concept named the Beauty TIP Workshop, which references the company’s motto “teach, inspire, play,” and includes a dedicated area in-store where customers can learn make-up techniques and test colors with real life tutorials, digital displays and virtual screens. Sephora launched this new service and technology to bring their brand values to life, differentiate their services and help buyers easily find and discover new products they want, which enhances the customer experience and sales process.

Sephora product launch

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McCain foods offers a variety of frozen potato snacks, from crispy fries and savory wedges to tater tots, hash browns and everything in between. To promote their various products and flavors, McCain Puerto Rico introduced an in-store sampling campaign, giving customers an opportunity to try their potatoes. FASTSIGNS® in Guaynabo helped McCain attract attention to its local sampling events using custom branded displays, banner stands, refrigerator wraps, wearables and more. McCain’s branding was communicated consistently through all of their promotional signs and visual graphics, and the bold orange colors made the product stand out even more. Within four months of launching this campaign, McCain’s sampling displays were in more than 80 supermarkets and they expect to continue expanding.

McCain product launch 1 McCain product launch 2

Red Wagon Pizza Company

Starting out as a mobile wood-fire pizza business, Red Wagon Pizza Company has grown a loyal customer base, opened a brick and motor location in Minneapolis and has been featured in various media, including the Food Network’s Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives. The pizza company partnered with FASTSIGNS of Bloomington, Minnesota to help communicate their vision and promote their fresh menu. Throughout the year, Red Wagon Pizza uses a variety of signs and graphics to communicate special events and promotions. For example, a large, durable banner was placed along the sidewalk to promote the TV special with Guy Fieri; branded wearables are available to extend the restaurant’s branding beyond the location and custom a-frames and menu boards promote weekly happy hour specials and lunch items.  

No matter your industry or company size, there are a variety of signs and graphics that can help you communicate your message, attract attention, educate your customers and make a lasting impact. Looking for more ideas to promote your products and services? Contact your local FASTSIGNS center today.

Red Wagon Pizza Company product launch 1 Red Wagon Pizza Company product launch 2

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