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Engaging Your Guests With Hotel Signage

Author: Vanessa Davidson

The summer vacation is a tradition that always gives travelers more than they bargained for, and maybe that’s the fun of it – the unexpected is always right around the corner. The trips to Waterparks and Legoland are thrilling, but it’s often the little moments that you didn’t plan for – getting lost in an unfamiliar place, almost running out of gas, or actually having more fun at the hotel – that make a vacation a memorable experience.

For all of those moments, hotels should be ready to engage their guests through their hotel signage. These signs can entertain and inform current guests and even attract new patrons. Creativity combined with innovation, and in some cases a sense of humor, allow your hotel to create an experience that guests will always remember.

Creativity with a Sense of Humor

These hotels deserve credit for using unconventional signs to engage customers.

A Best Western has a sign that says "Imaginary Friends Stay Free"

Photo credit: Pleated Jeans

This hotel offered a reasonable deal for everyone while showing a sense of humor. Signs for hotels like this one are great for attracting attention, giving your hotel brand a voice and potentially attracting future customers. Just make sure your messages are spelled correctly, or you could gain publicity for all of the wrong reasons. This particular message also subtly advertises its family-friendly environment.

An EconoLodge has a sign that says "We're Not the Ritz We're Just a Little Bedder"

Photo credit: Pleated Jeans

This hotel’s signage is a little riskier, but it shows guests that the hotel doesn’t take itself too seriously. It’s also a perfect Dad joke, which might make the ultimate difference when a group of road-weary travelers are looking for just the right mid-trip pit stop.

A sign advertises for the "It'll Do Motel"

Photo credit: Pleated Jeans

There’s a sense of humor, there’s self-awareness and then there’s self-ridicule. This hotel is probably on the wrong end of the joke, but we admire the honesty of this outdoor hotel sign. While the name of the hotel won’t help bring in a lot of guests, the guests that do choose to stay the night will surely never forget it.

Creativity with Innovation

On the other end of the spectrum are hotels that are using signs to create an experience within the hotel itself.

A hotel uses digital signage to decorate the interior of the hotel

Photo credit:Starwood Hotels and Resorts

Digital hotel signage is on the rise as guests become more accustomed to interacting with screens on a daily basis. Instead of hanging uninspriting wall art for decoration, this hotel encouraged guests to interact with local art on an LED screen in the lobby. This connects the hotel to the surrounding area and offers the modern experience that some travelers prefer.

An interactive digital screen invites guests to engage with it

Photo credit: InterContinental Hotels Group

This digital hotel signage is a perfect example of a hotel engaging their guests. Vacationers love taking pictures of their trip, so why not let them post the pictures in the lobby? Guests will enjoy seeing their picture as they stroll through your hotel and by posting their photos, you help foster brand loyalty and build a sense of community within the hotel itself.

A man interacts with a digital sign to find out information

The hotel serves as a home base for many travelers, where they’re able to familiarize themselves with the surrounding area. This touchscreen feature allows guests to research local restaurants and entertainment. Sure, they could research on their phone, but this screen allows the hotel to give “local” tidbits that guests might not find in a general search. It also lists flight times and weather forecasts for departing guests who may be frazzled and in a rush.

Signage for hotels can come in many shapes, sizes and tastes. But when used strategically, all of these signs can give a window into your hotel culture that could convince travelers that your hotel is just the one they’ve been looking for. And even better, your signage could give travelers a vacation experience that brings them back again. In the end, whether it’s a laugh or it’s comfort, it’s about giving them more than they expected.


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