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How Brands are Bringing Their Vision to Life


The pandemic taught businesses to think outside the box in order to survive and thrive. According to Forbes, branding initiatives grew coming out of the pandemic. Why? Businesses saw a need to clarify positioning as well as to highlight anything new, or pivots the company made from over the last two years.

Well into 2022, brand managers are continuing to take a close look at brand refreshment projects, an incredible tool for marketers to stand out to new and existing audiences. As brands refine their identities, we would like to showcase how some of our customers brought their brand visions to life from start to finish.

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Southern Flair with a Little Dirt on the Boots

Imagine you’re starting a new business. You have a name and a location but aren’t sure where to go from there. You know you want to solidify your brand identity and get your business up and running, so what’s a great approach? For Lucky Spur Ranch, their delightful name grounded in Western imagery, inspired their creative logo, a lucky four-leaf clover with a spur to signify the rustic ranch feel of the venue.

The logo then served as the foundation of inspiration throughout the newly-designed space for brand continuity. When guests enter the ranch, they’re immediately introduced to the brand with a hanging steel sign that displays the logo. As they drive up to the property and enter the main event hall, the branded, unique touches, such as the Lucky Spur clover above the awning, a welcome sign over the door and branded window graphics all carry brand continuity to each rustically themed area. The cowboy-named “Bustin Loose Board Room,” includes Western themed photos of longhorns and leather placements that display the spurred clover logo. Inside the main event hall, a fully backlit Lucky Spur sign on standoffs draws visitors in as an eye-catching focal point. Around the property, rustic wayfinding signs create an easy-to-navigate experience for guests as they are met with more luck along the way from branded printed materials to employee branded wearables.

After bringing the venue brand to life, Lucky Spur receives positive comments on their reviews about the incredible signage and how it helps visitors and guests easily maneuver around the property as well as providing consistency throughout the unique space.

Lucky Spur interior signage

Creating Compassion and Smiles at a Children’s Clinic

Doctor’s offices can sometimes be scary places kids. So NiteHawk Pediatric Urgent Care decided to create a facility that was well-designed but would also include child-friendly interior décor in a calming environment.

The innovative concept incorporated magnetic receptive wall graphics for eight animal-themed patient care rooms with modular scenes that could be easily manipulated. The fun and interactive décor of magnetic wall murals were designed to be visually interesting to children and also have the ability to be moved around on the walls. The images can also be layered on the background wall scene with additional graphics layered on top. This unique and attention-grabbing solution was used throughout the entire facility. In addition, the Nitehawk brand logo was consistently used both indoors and out of the location through exterior channel letters, window and door graphics, acrylic decor signs and ADA room identification signs.

Nitehawk Pediatric Urgent Care’s comprehensive solution used branding in a creative and engaging way that could easily be updated. Ultimately, the signs and graphics provided a one-of-a-kind, “wow” effect to enhance the young patient care experience.

Nitehawk Pediatric Urgent Care signs

Helping Brand Leaders and Business Owners Bring Their Vision to Life

From start to finish, FASTSIGNS helped these brands bring their vision to life with tons of value to the final brand experience. Whether you’re looking to elevate your brand or start from scratch, FASTSIGNS is ready to help. Your project is in good hands with our experienced team of professionals. We’ll see your project through from concept to completion, so you can achieve more than you ever thought possible. Let us help you Make Your Statement.