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Concert Signs That Get You Noticed

Author: Christina Krenek

Looking for concert sign ideas? Music fans and concert-goers have been using signs and posters to get noticed and catch bands’ attention since the 1960s. Here are some of the best music fan signs of all time.  


When The Beatles first arrived to the U.S. in 1964, screaming American fans greeted the band with signs, banners and even wore buttons with their favorite band member’s names.

Fans of The Beatles hold a sign that says "We Love the Beatles"signExcited fans wear buttons showing support for the Beatles

Funny Concert Signs: On-stage Proposal   

The Mirror shared a video of former Beatle Paul McCartney inviting a couple onstage after seeing their concert signs in the audience: “He won’t marry me til he meets you” and “I’ve got the ring and I’m 64.” Once onstage, the couple’s dreams finally came true in front of the music icon and the entire concert arena.

A couple has an on stage proposal after meeting Paul McCartney

Photo credit: The Mirror

Fan Fashion

These die-hard Bruce Springsteen fans turned their outfits into concert signs with custom t-shirts and wearables to show their support. 

Three women wear custom hats and t shirts for Bruce Springsteen

Photo credit:

Illuminated Signs

On tours, Taylor Swift hosts after-concert parties to meet her beloved fans, but only the ultimate Swiftie fans with over-the-top costumes and the most creative fan signs are invited to the party. Check out these concert signs with LED lights fans brought to Swift’s Red Tour.

Fans of Taylor Swift hold up a custom illuminated sign for the artistTaylor Swift fans hold custom illuminated letters that spell out "This is Red"

Photo credit: The San Diego Union Tribune and

Grammar Police 

During a One Direction concert, one fan’s poster grabbed the attention of band member Harry Styles because of poor grammar. Styles asked for the sign and corrected “your” to “you’re” on-stage with a sharpie. Watch the video footage here.

Harry Styles holds up a poster by a fan where he corrected the grammar written on it

Photo credit: Metro

Larger-than-Life Cutout Sign

Here’s one way to get a selfie with your favorite music star—bring your own cutout sign of their face!

It’s a great way get noticed and makes for a fun photo op.

A group of fans pose with a large cut out of Luke Bryan's face

Photo credit: City Pages

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