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Our Favorite Welcome Home Signs

Author: Christina Krenek

Spending long periods of time without a loved one is a difficult and trying experience. Your emotions fall as they leave and then slowly rise with each passing day, knowing soon enough, you’ll see them again. In the final days, excitement bubbles up as you begin planning for their return. To help give your loved one a proper welcome, here are a few fun “Welcome Home” signs.

A patriotic dimensional lettering sign sits on the grass reading "Welcome Home"

While the message is classic, the professional design and execution are modern. The patriotic dimensional letters make for a classy and effective welcome for a veteran returning home from overseas.

A baby girl has a sign reading "I've waited my whole life to meet you"

Military service is a sacrifice for entire families as they support their loved ones. Many soldiers are unable to even be present during the birth of their child. This little girl is more than ready to meet her father in person for the first time. That sign and smile make a humbling, heart-melting combination.

Two people hold a cutout of their friends face and a sign saying "Welcome Home Mokie"

We don’t know “Mokie”, but it’s obvious his friends and family love him and are excited to see him. They love him so much that they scoured his Facebook profile for his most embarrassing, smile-inducing photos before creating a cutout he surely couldn’t miss.

A home is decorated with welcome home signage featuring a sign that looks like a tie

Young missionaries routinely leave their homes to represent their churches around the world. These young men spread their message wearing a traditional uniform usually consisting of a tie. After being hit by a bus during his mission trip in Brazil, Britten Schenk spent 75 days in the hospital. When he was finally able to come home, his family made sure it was extra special and welcomed him home with a huge banner depicting the iconic missionary tie.

Four people dressed as storm troopers from Star Wars hold a sign that says "Vader"

May 4thhas become a holiday for Star Wars fans across the world, and these fans took it to another level. These Stormtroopers didn’t create one of the best welcome home signs, but we think Darth Vader would appreciate its uninspiring color scheme and cold delivery. Who knew the Evil Empire had headquarters in Denver?

Military members walk through a crowded airport with people waving flags and holding signs

There are few things as emotional as a welcome home event for service men and women. Families and community members gather at local airports around the country with flags and banners to make sure the returning soldiers know how much their service is appreciated.

Welcoming a loved one back home is a powerful moment. Creating a sign can be the perfect way to get your thoughts in writing and help create an unforgettable reunion.

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