Quincy Compressor Wall Sign

Quincy Compressor

Office Employs Graphics to Promote Company Culture

The Challenge

Following a building renovation, Quincy Compressor was ready to incorporate visual elements of their company culture into their offices.

The Solution

FASTSIGNS® identified the building style as modern, and signs and graphics were designed that mirrored the office aesthetics. Sleek, dimensional letters of the company logo and name were constructed from brushed aluminum and were installed in conference rooms for visual impact. FASTSIGNS also produced and installed dimensional letters with organizational attributes such as reliability, courage and resilience. Acrylic standoffs with company values, their mission statement and images from Quincy Compressor’s history were put on display along with branded collages promoting those values.

Quincy Compressor Wall Mural

Quincy Compressor Wall Signage

The Result

The new signage and displays bring a liveliness to the space, consistent with Quincy Compressor’s branding. They help encourage and motivate employees, while providing a positive first impression with visiting clients.