Meet Our Team

FASTSIGNS® of Daytona Beach, FL Team

FASTSIGNS® of Daytona Beach, FL is more than ready to help you solve your visual communications challenges — large and small. With our marketing and sign knowledge, state-of-the-art technology and project management processes, we craft the right message and deliver the right mix of signs and graphics that will help raise your business visibility while making you look great. Whether you need a single building sign or a thousand banners, our marketing-savvy experts are more than ready for the challenge.

  • Headshot of Carmen Ruiz

    Carmen Ruiz

  • Headshot of Rod Quick

    Rod Quick

  • Headshot of Kevin Saeger

    Kevin Saeger

    Production Manager
  • Headshot of Susie Wardlaw

    Susie Wardlaw

    Visual Communication Expert
  • Headshot of Debra Dagostino

    Debra Dagostino

    Business Development
  • Headshot of Falicia Newton

    Falicia Newton

    Accounting and Bookkeeping
  • Headshot of Arron Snowden

    Arron Snowden

    Graphics Designer / Output Specialist
  • Headshot of Ashley Baumeister

    Ashley Baumeister

    Production & Installation Specialist