O Bee Credit Union

O Bee Credit Union

Recognizing the Significance of Timeless Signage and Visual Graphics

The Opportunity

O Bee Credit Union has been an important part of the community in Thurston County, Washington since 1955. Initially serving just the Olympia Brewing company’s employees, the credit union expanded to five branches to provide financial services for their entire community.

The Challenge

O Bee Credit Union called FASTSIGNS® for help with re-branding their branch locations. Although the architecture of each branch varies, O Bee wanted FASTSIGNS to provide visual communications solutions to identify each unique community location.

The Solution

FASTSIGNS consulted with O Bee Credit Union’s Vice President of Marketing to update the look of all branches. Starting with a branch located inside a supermarket, FASTSIGNS added LED Halo logoed signage to draw attention to the credit union’s presence.

“The teller window in the branch office needed something to let people they are there, so we used Halo lighting to brighten up a dark area of the supermarket,” FASTSIGNS’ owner Grace Kendall commented.

Integrating historic photos of the original brewery, FASTSIGNS created wallpaper that provided a community focused backdrop for the credit union’s teller lines. FASTSIGNS’ Kendall explained, “Our team provided complete wall coverage with printed wallpaper for all interiors with the sepia-toned antique photos from the Old Olympia Brewery, the founding company for the credit union.”

FASTSIGNS used the credit union’s logo as part of a solution to completely cover the windows and provide exterior backdrops. “We covered all large windows and some exterior walls with window perforation graphics for complete coverage,” Kendall remarked.

The FASTSIGNS team transformed the credit union branches with interior signs for a lobby entrance, room identification signs and door signage. Decals were added to ATMs and personal office spaces were made consistent branch by branch. The team also provided printed materials to keep credit union members and potential customers informed.

“These projects are continuous,” Kendall explained. “O Bee Credit Union comes to us when they need posters and fliers to keep their branches updated.”

O Bee Credit Union windows

O Bee Credit Union window signage

O Bee Credit Union

O Bee Credit Union car

O Bee Credit Union wall images

The Result

FASTSIGNS helped O Bee with an overall transformation of each credit union branch. Extending their branding to their décor with visual graphics for office spaces, O Bee credit union was pleased with window graphics that delivered just the right amount of natural light for the interior offices and provided privacy from the road.

FASTSIGNS implemented O Bee’s design themes, resulting in grand re-openings that presented the credit union’s timeless look for the community’s credit union.