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Project Profile: Functionality & Fun With New Church Signs & Graphics

Author: Jayme Nelson
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Churches are traditionally places where those in their community can come together for a common purpose. The signs and graphics a church uses help promote a cohesive look and feel, and encourage the desired atmosphere.

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The Challenge

Gathering Point Church was rebranding and adding additional space in their children’s wing. They needed signs and graphics that complemented the rebrand and completed the space.

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The Solution

FASTSIGNS® of Kankakee worked with the church’s interior graphic designer to create signage that incorporates the unique visual elements of the church. Dimensional letters on the outside of the building and an updated monument sign grab attention from afar and well-placed parking lot signs guide visitors where to go. ADA-compliant signs were installed to identify different rooms and offices.

vinyl graphicsroom id signswayfinding signs

Inside, sleek dimensional letters and arrows, along with vinyl graphics were applied to walls, and vibrant, multi-layered wayfinding signs were created and suspended from the ceiling to help visitors and congregants find their way around the large building. Large banners, banner stands and posters were placed around the space that can be changed and moved as needed. A backdrop and frame provide a backdrop for family photos.

hanging signsdimensional signshanging signs
board signshanging banners backdrops

Treetops and woodland creatures were created custom and installed in the children’s area. A multi-layered, vintage style theater sign was designed and produced to add a special touch.

The Results

FASTSIGNS helped the church with their rebrand, working with the interior graphic designer to create signage that was functional and vibrant—fitting with the personality of the church. The wayfinding and directional signs help first-time visitors experience less confusion, and the children's’ area is dimensional and vibrant, providing a fun environment for kids to visit.