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5 Must-See Floor Graphics

by Drue Townsend

For years brands have fought for the most coveted space in advertising: eye-level. “Eye level is buy level” the saying goes, and the idea is that products placed at eye-level are more likely to be purchased than those out of immediate sight. This tactic is especially effective in retail environments where space is limited, and sightlines are narrow.

But there’s a growing trend in advertising, and its focus is in an unlikely spot: the floor. Businesses, schools, museums and more are taking advantage of floor space, and the results have been spectacular. From perception-bending optical illusions to simple and direct instructions to products, floor graphics are expanding what is possible in graphic advertising. We’ve compiled a list of our five favorite floor graphics. Enjoy!


1. Flash Cards

This elementary school makes studying multiplication tables a lot easier for its students. The color-coded floor graphics reinforce these math basics every time a student climbs the stairs. Even if they aren’t trying, the students might find themselves accurately reciting their times tables.


2. Staircase Sales

This advertisement also uses the visual effects of stairs to broadcast its message. The floor graphics combine to create a mural effect, where the ad appears to be one complete image. This project features a bold image of snowboarding superstar Shaun White. While the image is a surefire attention-grabber, the branding is less obvious. So for now, this is only sure to excite fans of The Flying Tomato.


3. Geography Graphic

This floor graphic relies less on visual tricks and more on enhancing atmosphere. This cozy coffeehouse has limited space, but by using the floors as a welcome space for décor, the business is able to tell its story while highlighting its ties to the community.  

872_Alter Agency (2)

4. 3-Dimensional Danger

Floor graphics are great attention-grabbers because they are capable of changing how we perceive the world. While many ads try to excite our emotions with words or a cool image, floor graphics are capable of shocking our system more immediately. Such is the case with this National Geographic ad that will certainly force you to watch your step. Obviously, the alligator waiting for you with open jaws is the most jarring image, but even the messaging at the top of the ad is adjusted to create a 3-dimensional world that will make you take notice.


5. Office Olympics

Business offices aren’t usually known for their active environments, but this floor graphic could help employees get up and moving. The graphic simulates a running track, where employees are encouraged to hold meetings while on the move. Not only can this break up the monotony of the day, but it could even reduce your risk of cancer!

Floor space has long been neglected in favor of walls and even ceilings, but that’s quickly changing as businesses, organizations and schools begin to understand the potential of the often-overlooked area. With their ability to catch the eye and change your perspective, floor graphics have the potential to be the next big thing in advertising and interior decor.

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