Kickoff to Football Season: Reach Your Local Community with Game Signage

by John Carruthers

Sports fans across the country are rejoicing as football season has finally returned. America’s new favorite pastime (sorry baseball fans) brings out an unparalleled enthusiasm that spreads from the individual to the community. While winning and losing is at the forefront of some fans’ minds, there’s no doubt one of the benefits of the game is the community pride that results from supporting a common cause.

As ancient armies approached battle with their identifying flags, communities approach game week, pep rallies and the game itself with signs and banners voicing their support for a player, coach, team, school or town. Here are some ideas to get the most out of your signage this football season.

Business Competitions

Business signage (Wouldn’t a wall graphic be better than this?) Photo credit: Flickr

Many businesses within the community celebrate game weeks or Homecoming with window dressing contests, where each business decorates its storefront with team logos or motivational messages. Instead of sending your most artistically-inclined employee to paint a poorly executed mural, consider an easily installed wall graphic. The temporary graphic is customizable and projects professionalism. These contests are all about grabbing attention, and an attractive wall graphic could definitely present something new to the competition. And who knows, you might even win.

Pep Rallies

Pep rally sign Photo Credit: Flickr

Whether it’s a pregame pep rally or a Homecoming parade, signs and banners will be the easiest and most effective way of communicating your message. A banner will give you the space needed to identify your business logo or slogan while also adding a game-specific message. Give a particularly enthusiastic fan a smaller sign, and watch them take a short message and turn it into a walking, waving billboard.

Coordinated Signage

Coordinated signagePhoto credit: Flickr

This is becoming a popular event at stadiums around the country, and the results have been very impressive. In stadiums with assigned seating, some businesses are able to hand out small signs for each seat. When each sign is flipped and lifted by the fan, the small signs combine to communicate a larger message or image. Put your business logo on the other side of the sign to tie your branding to the event.

In-Game Signage

In-game signagePhoto credit: Porch

While corporate sponsors and NFL-approved advertising dominates the digital boards and on-field signage at the professional level, there are plenty of opportunities to get your business name out there during a high school game. Many scoreboards are surrounded by digital boards or banners. As fans turn to check the score or time left in the game, your business could become a recognizable name or brand.

American Football is the most popular sport in the country by a wide margin, and showing your enthusiasm for the sport and your business could go a long way in forging a positive relationship with your community.


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