The Smart Retailer’s Guide to Signs

by Cynthia Nutwell

Signs Sell is a thorough how-to book to help retailers understand the power of visual communications.  Signs Sell provides simple tips to help you make an impact on shoppers by creating visually exciting and informative experiences that keep customers coming back to your store.

Signs Sell is the smart retailer’s guide to connecting with customers and employees using compelling signs and other visual communications. Co-written by retail experts Matthew Hudson and Rick Segel, and FASTSIGNS International, Inc., this book helps busy retailers know when to use which sign, graphics and other visual communications tools because today, more than ever before, in-store signs and visual graphics are crucial to the success of your retail store.

Make a Profound Impact on Shoppers

We believe that signage is the most misunderstood and underutilized tool in all of retailing today. Signs Sell can help you understand the power of signage and interior advertising to help you improve your customers’ shopping experiences by using visual communications that better engage your customers and communities, and therefore provide a differentiated shopping and purchasing experience for them.

Create a Visual Experience

Signs Sell can help you learn how signs and visual graphics make customer shopping experiences more engaging. After all, research shows that shoppers want a compelling in-store experience. A transformed experience happens via customer touch points and extends to signage and visual graphics. Learn how a customer experience using the right signs, graphics and other visual communications elevates a shopping trip above the norm and propels people to visit your store or business location time and time again. This creates what all stores want…loyal customers.

Use Tools to Engage Customers

Customers want a personalized experience. Retailers are finding that technology has changed the way customers interact with retailers. Discover how to use signage as an advertising tool to engage customers, move products and grow sales. From online product research, updates on events and online shopping options, retailers can meet the needs of today’s technology savvy customers. With visual communications tools such as Augmented Reality and SMS Text messaging, retailers can provide content-rich experiences by inviting customers to engage with your signage.









It’s important to stay relevant with your customers using signs that invite shoppers to join your loyalty program or provide a coupon offer by scanning a QR code on a point of sale sign. As more customers use their mobile devices to learn about your retail store’s products and services, our mobile driven society expects content such as video, product reviews and color swatches on their phone while in – and out – of  your store. Signs Sell explains the many technology-driven tools that can help you create a personal experience to engage and inform customers as they make purchase decisions.  

Increase Sales

As a business owner, you need signs and visual graphics that inform, educate and entertain to help you create what you want most – a sale.  From counter and wall reminder signs that create incremental sales to purchases to point of purchase signs that take shape as floor graphics, counter cards and freestanding cutout signs, using signs that reinforce your brand, and promote your products and services helps make a shopping experience pleasant and worth talking about with others.

Signs and visual graphics provide more than just space for advertising and pricing. They can also be used to enhance employee performance, motivate salespeople and train employees about what they need to do to increase sales in the store.

Whether you place welcoming signs at the threshold area of your business or product benefit signs at the point of purchase, it’s a wise decision to invest in signage for your retail business. Signs Sell is the guidebook you need to implement a smart visual communications plan for your retail location.