Faces of the FASTSIGNS Family – Veteran’s Day Special: John Buck of FASTSIGNS of Tallahassee

by Christina Krenek

John and Marilyn Buck are franchisees of FASTSIGNS® of Tallahassee, Florida. After beginning his career serving as a U.S. Military Police Officer, John shares his journey.

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What was your hometown?

My primary hometown is Independence, MO, home of Harry S. Truman. Legend has it he talked briefly with me when I was a baby being strolled in the neighborhood.

When did you join the U.S. Army?

I joined the Army in May 1982 and attended basic training and MP school in Fort McClellan, Alabama.

Where were you stationed and what was your role?

After MP school, I shipped out to Kaiserslautern, Germany to begin my tour of duty. My primary role was to patrol the streets of K-Town to help keep the GIs out of trouble.

Do you have any memories from your service that would you like to share?

I feel I was blessed to observe early on that if a soldier kept their uniform and boots straight and shined, excelled on the physical training tests and showed respect to superiors, that they could do just about anything in the U.S. Army. By adhering to those basic guidelines, I was selected to attend French Commando training, be part of a team representing our battalion in the 4 Day 100 mile Nijmegen March and, ultimately, be part of a team of 10 guarding our Lieutenant General.

How has your military experience impacted you today?

My military experience showed me that if we set our mind to something and drive hard to it, nothing can stop us. Those principles I learned almost 35 years ago have guided me every day since.

What brought you and your wife to FASTSIGNS?

The previous owner of FASTSIGNS of Tallahassee, Jeff Herig, and I were friends. At the end of 2012 things were changing in our lives. He suggested that we look at FASTSIGNS and the rest is history.

Franchises for vetsFranchise for veterans

What is a fun fact you would like to share?

My immediate family and I have visited 41 of the state capitols so far and hope to complete the remaining 9 in the years to come.