How to Create Graphics that People Want to Share

by Vanessa Davidson

Launching and Promoting a Product

The Internet has changed the launch process—now companies seed products with influencers, leak information to reporters and bloggers, live-stream launch events globally, and create truly unique visual graphics that are an experience to interact with.

What Makes Someone Want to Share a Picture on Social Media?

Our brains process the information we see faster than they do what we read. People are drawn to and want to share images that are unique and creative. Provide a fun standee or backdrop that represents your product and encourage people to take pictures with it to share on social media. Or, you can use the simple approach of a logo repeated as the background for a photo opportunity (ideally with someone interesting that fans will want to brag about meeting).

Thanksgiving Graphic for Social Media FASTSIGNS event branded backdrop

How to Create a Unique Experience That is Sharable.

Creating highly sharable graphics can be achieved by creating an experience that is so unique people will want to seek out your signage to interact with it and be a part of the trend. One example is to be the “X” in Texas Rangers®. FASTSIGNS created this sign for the Rangers so fans could display their personality and be a part of a trending social experience.

Be the X in Texas Promotion

How Important is a Hashtag?

Hashtags are used to create, ignite and track conversations on social media. It is important to select a simple, yet unique hashtag to use for your promotions. It is even more important to communicate that hashtag so everyone will use it when posting about your product or event. You can track your social media success by reviewing how many times the hashtag was posted and shared.

Why Great Graphics Matter.

The goal of using great graphics is to get your message noticed and to get your product in front of as many people as possible to create an experience that people want to talk about. This can lead to an increase in awareness (and hopefully to increased sales).