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How to Hang a Banner

Author: Chris Brooks

Hanging banners at a special event, grand opening or trade show is a great way to attract attention or give directions. Banners are versatile advertising and informational tools that can be hung indoors and outdoors and can be quickly installed, taken down, or moved.

Most banners are placed high atop a display, store or building, so they can be seen from a distance. That makes hanging banners a bit more complicated. We’ve seen some interesting banner-hanging scenarios and learned some valuable lessons along the way. 

1. Use Banner Stands

Banner stands are a great alternative if your banner needs to be quickly moved or adjusted. Banner stands also are very easy to install and take the work out of hanging a banner yourself. You won’t have to worry about measuring, climbing or drilling, and your banner will stand tall and straight.

2. Use Bungee Cords Instead of Rope

Your first instinct might be to use rope to hang the banner, and rope can be used (we’ll get to that later), but bungee cords are the more convenient and durable choice. If you’re hanging the banner between two poles, bungee cords will evenly distribute the stress on each grommet hole. This not only keeps you from damaging the grommet hole, it also properly balances the banner and gives it body.

Bungee cords will also help your banner stand the test of time. By stretching the bungee cords from the grommet holes to two poles or whichever anchors you have chosen, wind is able to pass around the banner. This will put more stress on the bungee cords and less on the grommet holes, seams and hems that keep the structure of your banner intact.

A banner hangs from a streetlight

3. Weave the Rope

If rope is the only option for hanging your banner, make sure to weave the rope between the grommet holes. You will need to do this on the top and bottom of the banner, weaving from left to right. This will balance the banner and keep it from scrunching and crinkling, which not only affects the presentation of the banner but also its long-term quality.

We recommend tying the rope straight out from the top of the banner. At the bottom, tie the rope at a 15-degree angle from the corner of the banner. Leave a small amount of slack on the bottom rope, so air is able to escape.

A banner hangs from outside of a college

4. Ask Before Drilling

If you’re hanging a banner directly on a wall without the use of poles, you will need to drive screws or hooks into concrete or brick to anchor the banner. This strategy is easy and effective, but it will leave holes in the surface of the wall. Be sure to get permission from the owner of the building before drilling.

Designing and ordering a banner is easy. Hanging the banner can be a different story. By preparing for your specific location and paying attention to the details, you can maintain your banner’s professional appearance and avoid the headaches of careless installation.

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