How To

3 Ways to Celebrate Your Graduation in 2021

Author: Vanessa Davidson

graduation banners

Last year, traditional graduation ceremonies and celebrations were canceled due to COVID-19. This year may be much of the same, but finding ways to celebrate your graduates and mark this milestone is more important than ever. Many graduates spent their senior year in masks or through virtual online classes. They have made the most out of it and now whether their school is doing a socially distanced in-person graduation or still opting for virtual, you can celebrate them and show your support with fun signs and visual graphics. 

1. Decorate their yard.

Yard signs can be simple with school colors and a “congratulations” message. They can also be customized and over the top with cut-outs that show off their school mascot, their personal interests, sports or instruments they played, and activities they were involved in. They can even show off a picture of the graduate themselves. For those in apartments or urban townhomes, large window decals and banners are just as festive. 

2. Send a stand-in.

Take a strategically posed photo of your graduate and have it turned into a life-size cut-out. These displays can be shipped flat and unfolded when they reach their destination. Send them to grandparents and other special family and friends. Have them take photos with the cut-out that they can send back for the graduate’s scrapbook. These can also be fun props for virtual or in-person graduation parties.

3. Stage a socially-distanced celebration.

For those that are local, plan a special vehicle parade or socially-distanced celebration. Set a time and day, and communicate it to those interested in participating. Have your graduate stand outside within view of the road if you are doing a drive by celebration. Encourage those driving by to decorate their cars with vehicle magnets and decals that celebrate the graduate. Tie balloons to car door handles and have signs ready to hold up with congratulatory messages. If you are doing a socially distanced celebration, pick a space outdoors that you can decorate with the yard signs mentioned above and add balloons to celebrate your graduate’s achievements.

Whether your graduate was looking forward to walking across a stage or just wanted to get their diploma in the mail, they all deserve to be recognized with a little fanfare. Social distancing may have changed the plans of how we celebrate those graduating, but it can still be done in a memorable way.