Digital Signage

Make Your Business More Convenient to Visitors, Customers and Guests Using Visual Communications

Author: Leah Edwards

From smartphones to GPS mapping systems, self-checkouts to online shopping, there is a simplicity and convenience of life in 2019. Much like our technology has adapted for the changing times, signs and visual graphics have followed suit. Here are just a few ways that signs have adapted to add a layer of convenience to our modern lives.

1. Digital capabilities 

Signs and visual graphics can help create a great customer experience for people participating in convenience buying by providing brand and site identification, instructions, wayfinding, and promotional opportunities. Today, many purchases are made through a combination of online research and ordering, and in-person pick-up or delivery. Buyers want every day buying processes to be fast and simple, and signs and visual graphics can join in these efforts.

A collection of images of digital and interactive signs

Wall and floor graphics can help designate in-store pick up areas, marked lanes and special parking signs for exterior pickup areas. At restaurants, branded digital kiosks for order lookup or surveys can be helpful. Illuminated logos, vehicle graphics on delivery vehicles and banners and displays assist in promoting specials and other services.

2. Easy-to-read for Full Accessibility

Signage shares information about ADA compliance

Another way that signs are convenient is by being easy to read. Signs that provide larger than life branding also help direct and guide. Accessibility is enhanced when customers, attendees and visitors alike can understand what is being communicated. From restrooms with male/female graphics to event labeling signage, it’s important to ensure that signs provide communication that is universal and easily understood. ADA and Braille signs also increase accessibility in an inclusive, modern world. Making spaces truly convenient means making spaces convenient for anyone and everyone.

3. Comprehensive Wayfinding Made Simple

With our busy lives in the modern world, customers want to get where they are going quickly and efficiently. Wayfinding signs and visual graphics can play a major role in helping to accomplish this goal. 

Businesses use clear wayfinding signs to help visitors navigate

From exterior directional signs to monument signs and even directory signage for navigation, providing a convenient experience for customers, shoppers or attendees can leave a positive impression and keep customers, employees and visitors coming back.

In a busy modern world, it is absolutely necessary that signs and visual graphics keep with the changing times. Need help making your business more convenient and accessible to attract more prospects and customers? To learn more about modern solutions for signs and graphics, visit FASTSIGNS.

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