Wayfinding / Directional Signs

Creating Signs for an Aging Generation That Is on the Go

Author: Leah Edwards

Creating signs and visual graphics for an aging generation should not be restricted to retirement homes and medical facilities. With improvements in healthcare and technology, this active generation is continuing to participate in all facets of daily life, and they have the time and financial means to do it.

Eyesight still diminishes with age, so signs for this demographic will be more effective when utilizing larger fonts, having color contrasts and minimizing visual clutter. A little forethought regarding visibility and clarity in signage can go a long way towards ensuring that an active aging generation can have great experiences in all the places they visit.

1. Signs for Wayfinding

Increasing visibility and providing easy wayfinding is important. Make sure that large and readable fonts are used in wayfinding signage and that directories are readily available to help with navigation.

A medical center uses clear wayfinding signs

2. Signs for Exercise

Seniors enjoy exploring various active outlets in this phase of life. From group fitness classes to meeting up with friends on the tennis courts, seniors need to be able to see, locate and navigate active spaces without asking a myriad of questions.

An exercise center uses clear signage to indicate what various areas are designated for

3. Signs for Spending

With time and money to spend, this demographic is active around town. From errands to brunch, businesses need to be mindful of this segment of the population. Increase your visibility outside with site and monument signs, window graphics and banners, and enhance findability with wayfinding signs. By making signs easy-to-read, restaurants with easy-to-order access and retail establishments easy to navigate, business owners can ensure better overall experiences and future, repeat customers.

A collage of outdoor monument signs and business signage to help visitors locate the business

4. Signs for Home

Choosing where to live and enjoy a thriving senior lifestyle is important. By using signage to inform seniors about amenities and activities, a consistent and clear message is conveyed to residents and visitors alike. Visibility of brand and readability of signage provides seniors with an easy-to-navigate living space.

Living areas use clear signage to indicate their offerings

5. Signs for Events

Incorporating a variety of sign types into a space can make a community event or experience more positive for this demographic. From digital signage to ground graphics, these innovative signs help, inform and inspire. Wayfinding signage is imperative for avoiding that feeling of being lost. Signage for education, upcoming events or history of an organization can be informational and appreciated by an aging generation.

Businesses use digital signage and floor graphics to help visitors stay informed

6. Signs for Donors

Many active seniors volunteer and are active with charities, alumnae associations or other community groups because they enjoy giving back. By incorporating donor signage and memorable sign pieces, you can thank and honor their contributions. By making these installments easy to read with interesting, branded creative elements in them, people may be encouraged to take photos and share on social media to increase visibility online.

Organizations use plaques and wall decals to honor donors

With seniors living active lifestyles, it’s important for signs to be both visible and readable. Without proper signage, business owners and organizations can miss opportunities to inform, sell and connect with an aging generation with time and money.

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