FASTSIGNS Case Study: Creating a Signage Strategy for Chico’s World Headquarters

by Cynthia Nutwell

The Opportunity

While exterior signage certainly helps to convey branding for companies, it’s a visual communications strategy that creates brand awareness and inspires brand loyalty.

For the past eleven years, FASTSIGNS® has worked with Chico’s FAS, Inc., a specialty retailer with a four brand portfolio and over 1,250 boutiques and outlets, to solve visibility challenges and extend branding to their corporate campus.

The Challenge

When Chico’s needed a variety of signs to place the spotlight on a newly constructed building, the Fort Myers FASTSIGNS, owned by Paul and Terry Hill, met with the company’s Vice-President of Operations and a senior manager to discuss a comprehensive plan for signage.

Chico’s requested aesthetically pleasing signs that would blend with their contemporary office environment and brand their new 150,000 sq. ft. building. The company also wanted help with wayfinding signage for numerous hallways within the office space, as well as directory signage and exterior building identification.

The Solution

FASTSIGNS presented a signage strategy that featured three different colors for interior signage representing each floor of the building. The team conceptualized plans to tie in the Chico’s contemporary look by using aluminum dimensional letters to stand out in the lobby area.

“Chico’s depended on our creativity to best execute this project,” FASTSIGNS’ Paul Hill explained. “We designed signs to match their theme using colors and fabrics provided by Chico’s.”

FASTSIGNS designed several interior logo signs and various ADA and safety signs. To finalize plans for the signage locations, FASTSIGNS researched ways to help visitors and employees navigate easily to the new building.

“We asked for the blueprints of the building, so our team could ensure Chico’s had all the necessary compliant signage,” FASTSIGNS’ Mackenzie Young said. “We integrated ADA compliant signs using easy navigation and directions.”

To enhance the exterior of the building, FASTSIGNS created two monument signs and a formed plastic building number sign to identify the location. The team added aluminum post and panel signs to identify and brand the new building with directional signs.

“The deadline was tight,” Young said. “Following up each day helped to ensure the signage was in place for the building's grand opening and big reveal.”

Creating a Signage Strategy for Chico’s World Headquarters Creating a Signage Strategy for Chico’s World Headquarters
Creating a Signage Strategy for Chico’s World Headquarters Creating a Signage Strategy for Chico’s World Headquarters

The Result

When the signage installation was complete, it was exciting to see visitors follow the wayfinding signs and guests stop to notice new exterior signs. And, it’s gratifying when the public becomes more aware of a brand and a building through signage.

FASTSIGNS presented a unified look for the interior of the building to reinforce the Chico’s brand and ensure that more customers and visitors navigate the facility with ease. The interior of Chico’s new building is now very easy to navigate because of the color-coded wayfinding signs to identify each floor.