How Your Business Can Use Periscope and Social Streaming

by Chris Brooks

Live streaming applications have been around for a while and many companies and organizations are adopting the technology. The increased processing speed of phones, coupled with larger carrier bandwidth has allowed for a new wave of mobile broadcasting to the world.

Similar to podcasting, live streaming platforms like Periscope, Meerkat, Hangwith and Stringwire allow people to connect and build relationships like never before. I have used Periscope at concerts and events to share the experience with followers, but there is business potential sailing beyond the entertainment horizon.

PeriscopePhoto Credit: Anthony Quintano

Businesses can use mobile broadcasting to leverage their brand image with customers, prospects and the business community. If you are planning to attend a trade show, contact some of the sponsors and ask if you can interview them for a live broadcast to your followers. Build excitement before the event by telling your customers to tune into your feed and participate in the discussion. This is an advantage of Periscope as it allows for instant feedback from the viewer. Those tuning in can direct you to ask a particular question, to focus the camera view on a certain product or even ask for a live demonstration. For the first time, an audience gets to interact and engage, direct the show and participate in a real-time production.

When Real Estate Agents purchase yard signs for properties, they can add a rider sign that advertises live streaming home tours. We are all busy and in a fast-paces real estate marketing, many are limited to the number of open houses they can make it to. Live streaming allows an agent to broadcast a tour of the home to a vast audience. Viewers can ask questions or direct the agent to show different views of the house without leaving their home or office.

Hootsuite recently used Periscope in a campaign called “Follow the Sun.” Throughout the day, the broadcast would follow the sun and people in different offices would log in to the Hootsuite account and walk around showing off their offices and interviewing co-workers and friends. The number of inbound applications drastically increased after people got a sneak peek at the inside of the company. This technique could be a good way to let potential employees know what it’s like to work at your company and get a feel for the culture.

These examples just scratch the surface of potential when it comes to taking advantage of live streaming tools like Periscope. We should continue seeing new ways that businesses a can ride the surge of mobile broadcasting and catch a wave of sales too. Happy surfing.

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