3 Keys to Successfully Advertise with Your Vehicle

by Nick Jerome

According to research released by AAA this year, Americans spend 46 minutes driving per day on average. That’s almost 300 hours per year. A study by the Traffic Audit Bureau of Media Measurement estimates that on average, vehicle advertising can generate 30,000 - 70,000 impressions per day.  That is a lot of bang for your buck. For many businesses their delivery and service vehicles are an ideal place to advertise in front of this captive audience of commuters. Unfortunately, not everyone leverages this opportunity and those that do, don’t always maximize the effectiveness of their ad.

Vehicle Graphics

Vehicle ads come in varying levels of complexity ranging from simple lettering with a name and phone number up to full-graphic wraps featured on a car, truck or even a tour bus. Regardless of the style you choose, you should consider some key factors that contribute to the effectiveness of your advertisement. In a world full of visual clutter and ads, you don’t want to overlook anything that will help you stand out.

Choose the Right Style of Ad

Partial and full vehicle wraps will create a rolling billboard out of your car, truck or van. Businesses that bring their services on the road such as food trucks or mobile pet grooming can make countless impressions with bold graphics that cover most or the entire vehicle. Those looking to build awareness with a personal vehicle that desire the flexibility of removing the identity at night should consider a magnetic sign. Businesses and organizations that want something more permanent but less expensive can opt for lettering. While more affordable than other options, lettering can still make a big impact with careful consideration of colors and placement.

Choose Quality

Peeling or faded ads can keep prospects from picking up the phone. You don’t want a low quality expression of your brand driving around town. It’s easy to invest in vehicle graphics without considering the quality of the vinyl used and end up with something that does more harm to your image than good. Selecting a sign and visual graphics provider that understands your needs, uses a quality vinyl such as those offered by 3M, and installs the ad with great attention to detail will ensure the best results.

Choose an Attention-Getting Design

Design can be purely subjective until you introduce a bit of science. The visual communications experts at FASTSIGNS can use a powerful tool from 3M called Visual Attention Software to analyze proposed designs and determine what elements of the design are likely to grab a viewer’s attention at first glance. They can also take a picture of the vehicle where it will be parked most often and analyze it against the environment. Armed with this information, the design you choose has a better chance of emphasizing the most important information, like your phone number, company name or website, as you are driving around town. Even a bold full vehicle wrap won’t accomplish your goals of building awareness or driving leads to your business if the key information is lost in the design.

Ultimately you want the style of vehicle ad you choose to command attention, emphasize key information and stand the test of time. Teaming up with an experienced team to accomplish your vehicle ad objectives will position you for success and keep your brand and message front and center on the road.