5 Signs Often Taken For Granted

by Jayme Nelson


Perhaps the most classic and recognizable road sign of them all, the stop sign is the epitome of effective design, and its placement at any given intersection is sometimes all that stands between safe passage and all-out chaos.  It just goes to show how much good a simple message efficiently expressed can do.

Maximum Occupancy

When was the last time you paid attention to a maximum occupancy notice? There for a reason, we typically pay them little notice even in elevators—when it should probably be of more immediate interest—we just squeeze in amongst the horde and hope for the best. It’s not like anyone wants to stand at the entrance and ask each person their weight as they enter.


If we take anything for granted while driving, it’s that we will be able to make it beneath bridges or overhangs without giving our vehicles an unwanted haircut. Think it’s embarrassing to hold up traffic with a flat tire? Just wait until you wedge your truck in a tunnel.

Speed Limit

It’s not entirely accurate to say that you can’t drive faster than the speed limit, it’s just that there’s a charge for doing so from the police department (and your insurance company). Speed limit signs promote safety by informing drivers of how fast they can drive to maintain optimum control of their vehicle. And it’s the law.



Exit signs can save your life. In the case of a fire or other emergency, especially in large or confusingly laid out buildings, how else will you know the way to safety?  The exit sign is often not given attention until it’s needed. Those doors are also handy for triggering alarms on really bad blind dates.