Football Season: How to Host in Style

by John Carruthers

Football is America’s most popular sport, but it’s also one of America’s biggest businesses. In fact, the National Football League has increased its revenue for more than a decade and is now valued at $45 billion. The average ticket price for an NFL game last season was $85.83, according to Team Marketing Report.

With football driving so much business, NFL franchises and university athletic programs are finding new ways to capitalize on football fever. Many franchises and programs aren’t adding seats to their stadiums, but are instead adding specialized suites for large groups. Here’s how you can deck out those suites with football game signs and take your game-day experience to the next level.

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Show Your True Colors

First things first, a game-day suite should reflect the pride and enthusiasm of a true fanatic. Guests want to feel the energy and intensity of the home crowd, so decorating a suite with team colors and memorabilia is a must. Consider covering a wall with a giant logo graphic or a life-size player action shot. Flags, posters, banners – any of these signs for football games can bring life to the floors and walls of the true fan’s suite.

At Your Service

The gameday suite is designed for a taste of luxury in addition to a great view of the game. That often means on-demand food and drinks for suite guests. Digital menus provide an updated experience for guests whether they’re ordering from the stadium menu or a customized selection. Calorie counts, product descriptions, high-definition images and video content are just a few of the features that separate digital menus from the old-fashioned concession boards.

For the Kids

Attending a big game is often a family event, where parents pass on their passion for the game to their kids. But as football games inch closer to 4-hour marathons, you may want to consider ways to keep children entertained. Younger generations are fully accustomed to digital screens, so installing interactive games and touchscreen displays are a safe bet for kids that would rather be in the action than just watching it.

Keep Track of All of the Games

With special television packages and mobile apps, fans are used to tracking more than just the game they are attending. By installing multiple digital screens, you can allow suite guests to keep up with all of the action around the country. Allow guests to enter  their fantasy teams into digital displays, so they can cheer on their own team in addition to the home team. And for those that believe there’s no such thing as too much football, multiple digital screens allow fans to never miss a play.

Football stadium suites are becoming more popular as fans crave the next great gameday experience and franchises and athletic departments reap the financial benefits of providing exclusive seats. But more than ever, seats aren’t enough. Let us help you give your stadium suites the proper treatment with football game signs that will put your suite over the top. Call us at 800-FASTSIGNS to get started!

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