Workplace Communication: How Digital Signs Can Help Increase Productivity

by Emily Shuler

Research shows that businesses lose 20 to 30 percent of their revenue a year because of inefficiencies, according to the International Data Corporation. How can companies overcome this and create a more productive, well-organized environment for their employees?

A good place to start is by ensuring that you have effective workplace communication. One way to do that is by having digital signs with content that keeps employees informed and operations running smoothly.




To do this, place digital displays or stand-alone kiosks in common areas and employee break rooms to communicate timely messages such as safety updates, company news, employee recognition, upcoming events, motivational messages, etc. Regularly updating the content and sharing timely news helps employees feel engaged and stay on top of what is going on with the company.

Implementing a digital wayfinding and directory system can help people quickly and efficiently find their way around. The digital signs can be easily updated when offices or meeting rooms are changed or relocated. There are also digital sign solutions to identify if a room is in use or vacant.

Manage workflow processes and get status updates in real-time using digital production displays. Employees and supervisors can see operational status and what remains to be completed.

The use of interactive displays offers a variety of benefits including helping employees, customers and visitors check-in, speeding up order processing and helping people find the right information at the right time.

For digital signage to be effective, it’s crucial to determine the messaging goals and decide who (whether in the organization or an outside agency) will be responsible for creating and managing the digital content. To keep employees engaged, messages need to be updated regularly, easy to read and understand, and visually appealing.

Having an effective digital sign program in place gives employees another great way to stay informed and productive in the workplace, and ideally, help companies improve their business.