Planning An Event? 6 Idea Starters to Brand Your Event

by Kat Gallagher

Are you planning an event? Signs and visual graphics entice people to attend your event, direct people around the event and help reinforce your message. Here are examples of six different types of events and the signage used for them to to help spark some ideas for your next event.

1. Community Events: Community Blood Bank

Erie Community Blood Bank hosts blood drive events several times a week. They wanted to showcase their brand and raise awareness to attract more donors. To do this, they wrapped an RV for their mobile blood drives. Along with the RV, they added new parking signs and an updated exterior sign to increase the brand presence. Since adding the new signs and graphics, the blood driving events have had record attendance.


2. Festival Events: Sydney Festival

Every January, the city of Sydney turns into one large venue for the Sydney Festival. Held across the entire city, event signs and graphics were used to increase awareness about the event and they had be able to withstand the weather and traffic. The graphics, wayfinding signs and wrapped stages promoted attractions and performances and directing people around the festival site. Each custom-made solution was installed on existing city structures before the festival and removed immediately after without causing damage to the structures.


3. Private Event: Werner Co

WernerCo® hosted a private event at the Specialty Tool & Fasteners Distributor Association (STAFDA) Convention. The exterior of a 6,000 square-foot building was wrapped for a one-night party to maximize brand visibility. They also added directional signs, photo backdrops and promotional graphics. Arrow-shaped sidewalk graphics directed attendees to the venue while a custom mural inside served as the backdrop for photos. Trucks displayed at the event were wrapped with branded vehicle graphics. WernerCo was able to provide a unique event experience for STAFDA attendees and following the event, the signage was removed with no damage to the building or sidewalks.


4. Pop-up Event: 12RND Fitness

Before their gym was operational, 12RND Fitness had a pop-up store in a shopping center. The company utilized promotional materials including custom-designed tablecloths, retractable banners, A-frames with changeable panels, business cards and posters. Due to their effective promotional efforts, their grand opening was successful and the gym enrolled their first 50 members.


5. Wedding Event Planning: Kendall - Henderson Wedding

The bride and groom in the Kendall-Henderson wedding wanted to have signs and graphics that would create special temporary décor and direct guests to the appropriate location. For the outdoor ceremony, a sign guided attendees to their seats. In the reception area, the couple’s initials were printed on their wine glasses and a window near their table. They also added larger monogram decals throughout the venue on the windows and doors. Table runners with the couple’s monogram, customized banners and photo prints of the couple were hung in the venue. The signs and graphics added an extra personal touch to their wedding.


6. Campaign Event: General Mills “Save the Bees”

General Mills ran a marketing campaign to promote a company-wide effort benefiting “Save the Bees”. They wanted people in the supermarket to buy products to contribute to the cause. Signs installed on the aisles educated shoppers, cross merchandising signage reinforced the effort, and displays and banner stands extended the message beyond the aisle. Participants at the media events were provided branded hats and shirts promoting the cause. Awareness has increased and provided the visibility General Mills needed to be an active partner in the “Save the Bees” cause.


When you’re hosting an event, it’s important to pique attendee interest, help them find what they’re looking for and reinforce your event or brand message. Regardless of the size of your next event or the specific goals you have in mind, be sure to plan ahead and incorporate signs and visual graphics at every phase.