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How One Healthcare Company Extended Branding and Improved Wayfinding

Author: Jayme Nelson
Physician East van decal

When Physicians East had a new building added on their campus, they needed it to match the exterior look and branding of their existing medical office building—all while having a modern look inside. Since many of the specialty locations were shuffled around, new wayfinding signage was a priority for the entire campus.

The project took nine months from start to finish. Using Google maps and aerial photos, the team at FASTSIGNSⓇ of Greenville, NC mapped out new traffic patterns for the complex and then removed all existing signage to be refurbished, repositioned or replaced.

Physicians East Blog 1

The old, single monument sign was replaced with three primary directional signs and five sub-directories. Permanent and temporary parking signs were created and placed in new locations in and around the parking lots. ADA signs and evacuation maps were replaced in the old and added to the new, reflecting the color palette of the new building.

Physicians East Blog 2

Directional maps used in the buildings were updated and acrylic signs were created to designate customer-facing services at main desks on both floors. Window and door vinyl were incorporated to identify entry and exit doors and also inform patients, visitors and employees, that smoking is prohibited, along with other notices.

Physicians East Blog 3

Frosted vinyl was installed in the dermatology area to add privacy to the glass doors. Two new facility vans were wrapped and even wheelchairs were branded.

The new building better reflects the Physicians East brand and the entire campus has more accurate wayfinding with greatly improved navigation for visitors. The staff has had many positive comments about how much easier it is to get around and the healthcare company is able to provide a better overall experience to patients.