Graphic Design

Visual Communications and Creative Trends You Should Know for 2020

Author: Melinda Martin

Today’s marketing world requires content that will stand out in the crowd. Eye-catching visuals and content capture potential customers and help keep interest in your brand. Relevant social media posts, interesting blogs, streaming video and captivating graphics all work together to build engagement. 

Adobe outlined four noteworthy creative trends in 2020 for visual communications and beyond:

  1. All Ages Welcome

  2. Express Yourself

  3. Makeup is not a Mask

  4. From Me to WE

All Ages Welcome

“By 2020, the number of people aged 60 or older will outnumber children under five years old, according to the World Health Organization.” The mature audience continues to increase in relevance across major industries and smart brands are marketing to their vibrant lifestyles.

Express Yourself

The adoption of social media in today’s mainstream society further blurs the line between private and public. With instant access to self expression and engagement, we crave real world human diversity; inclusion should be reflected in the imagery consumers interact with. Authenticity is key and it will be driven by “inclusivity”.

Makeup is Not a Mask

In the past, makeup had been used as a “mask” to obtain the ideal of beauty. Audiences want to redefine beauty and celebrate diversity, unique features, looks and style. Color is popping up in new, original ways and this trend breaks the traditional makeup rules to create more original self expression.

From Me to WE

People are coming together to support philanthropic causes from small to large scale. Today’s consumer is more apt to purchase from a company or brand that is purposeful and community-conscious. “This is often referred to in the media as a millennial-to-Generation Z phenomenon” and it is an exciting shift in how business and marketing will be done. 

Returning Design Trends to Note

Just as fashion trends come and go, are repurposed and brought back to light, design trends can be cyclical. Here are some returning (advertising) design trends you may want to implement: 

Minimalist Landing Pages

VisualTrends_BlogPost_images(Credit: ZendeskCalendlyWeWorkSlack)

Bold Typography

VisualTrends_BlogPost_images2(Credit: ChainalysisEncryNYT Food FestivalERA Coalition)

Muted Color Palettes 

Color Gradients

Instagram was one of the first to use a gradient in their logo. We will see more of this trend in the upcoming year.

Better Branded Animations

We tend to be captivated by organic forms in animations and companies who want to stand out in the marketplace will employ this trend in their advertising mix.

Your message needs to cut through the clutter while staying relevant with target audiences. Implement these visual trends and graphic suggestions to build awareness, increase authentic engagement and grow brand loyalty.