Pyramid Management Group

Pyramid Management Group

Rebranding a Shopping Mall With a Creative Approach to Signage

The Challenge:

Pyramid Management Group wanted to refresh signage for the Palisades Center and asked FASTSIGNS® of Upper Saddle River for help with updating an existing wayfinding system, creating a new mall directory and designing a creative solution for parking lot identification signs.

FASTSIGNS helped Palisades Center build a branded graphic strategy to distinguish the shopping center in the competitive retail environment.

Working with the head of project enhancements for the shopping center, FASTSIGNS provided rebranding ideas to update the exterior wayfinding signs.

The Solution:

FASTSIGNS’ Bill Miller said, “We work with visual merchandisers. For Palisades Center, we created directional signs and signs for the parking garage.”

The scope of the large-scale project included 21 directional signs, 120 parking lot identification signs and three parking garage signs.

To rebrand the exterior of the mall, FASTSIGNS developed a color scheme to communicate the location of various Palisades Center entrances to visitors.

“We painted and fabricated completely new directional signs from scratch,” FASTSIGNS’ Matt Galgano said.

Reusing the existing concrete base to secure the new signage, FASTSIGNS completed identification signs to let people know where they were parking. Coordinating the colors to match with light pole signs, FASTSIGNS provided reflective signs as an efficient retrofit to existing signage.

FASTSIGNS also added signage at the parking garage entrance and the parking deck.

Pyramid Management Group dimensional letters

Pyramid Management Group directional signage

Pyramid Management Group garage entrance

The Result:

FASTSIGNS worked with Pyramid Management Group to provide much more than signs.

“The site design is definitely improved,” said Lauren Staniec, Enhancement Project Manager, Pyramid Management Group. “A more contemporary sign package is in place while still being clear to read and easy to navigate.”

*FASTSIGNS of Upper Saddle River, NJ is owned by Bill Miller and Kevin Miller.