5 Tips for Moving Merchandise with Branded Visual Graphics

by Cynthia Nutwell

Retail signs and visual graphics can act as a silent salesperson to identify advertised items, explain hidden benefits in a product and pinpoint a great buy. Each sign or graphic serves as the point of contact between your brand message and the customer. Unlock creative strategies to help your business sell more products and build your brand with consistent messaging.

Here are 5 tips for moving more products with impactful signs and visual graphics:

1. Target customers to enter your location

Welcome Patients Banner

Your company may already advertise sales and promotions to existing clients. Go a step farther by extending your marketing message to signage and visual graphics that targets potential new customers. who are unfamiliar with your products by hanging a banner to draw visitors into your location. Hold an open house, in-store event or promotional contest to help increase foot traffic and get your business noticed.

2. Create a consistent brand image throughout your space

Wall Graphics

As prospects enter your location, welcome visitors with vibrant window graphics that reflect your brand. Be sure to let shoppers know about products and services with informative banner stands. Moving merchandise is becoming increasingly challenging since customers are deluged with so many choices. Overcome this challenge by providing consistent branding in your retail space that focuses on important products and services.

3. Update retail displays regularly

Retail Display

Communicate the right information in the right places by updating your retail displays regularly. Use branded signage to identify merchandise that you want to move quickly. Pushing merchandise without a sign is like having a big announcement that is whispered instead of shouted. Launch a new product or service with colorful point of purchase displays. Create custom wallpaper to extend your message and displays throughout your décor.  

4. Go digital to provide an experience

Digital Kiosk

We live in a digital age. Many restaurants and retailers are recognizing this and are using digital kiosks, digital menu boards and digital displays to make a lasting impression on customers. In-store digital signage can get your audience’s attention, present your message clearly and visually show a product’s features and benefits or a menu item ready to be devoured. Well-designed content for digital signs can promote what you want to sell and help create an enjoyable customer experience.

5. Give fans a place to participate

SMS text Messaging

Let your customers know about your new merchandise by promoting sales via SMS Text messaging, social media, your website and in-store coupons. Use signs and graphics in the store to encourage enrollment in customer appreciation and loyalty programs. Need help with consistent messaging to help you move merchandise? Find a FASTSIGNS center near you, or tweet us @FASTSIGNS or share your thoughts with us on our Facebook page.