How to Promote a Product at Your Next Event

by Nick Jerome

So you have a well thought out product that solves the challenge or challenges of the audience at an upcoming event? Don’t let your product get lost in the white noise that occurs at trade shows, festivals, fairs, conferences and industry events. Here are a few high impact ways to draw attention to your product before, during and after an important event.

Build Awareness

Look for any opportunity to promote your product in publications that event attendees read including the event website, event guide or email. Check to see if you can buy or acquire a list of attendees in advance and schedule a mailing to introduce your brand, product and why they should come see it at the event. Make your advanced promotions relevant by mentioning the booth space (if applicable) and the event itself. You can even offer scheduled appointments to see the product at the event to maximize attendees’ time.


Stand Out at the Event

Check the promotion opportunities with the company or organization hosting the event to include your literature or product sample in the event guide or bag with a call to action. Work with a professional visual communications provider to design a product promotion strategy that includes an eye catching exhibit and other creative ideas to promote your product throughout the event venue such as approved temporary floor graphics, digital signage with motion graphics, floor projection, app sponsorship ads, promotional items and more.

Pay careful attention to the location of your booth or exhibit. If possible, claim a high traffic area such as a corner or near an entrance. Also, check the placement of your competitors if they have already secured a spot. Typically the group putting on the event can advise of popular spots and you will need to secure those early.

Another way to stand out is to ensure that all of your team members have matching apparel promoting the product and are equipped with business cards with product and event information on the back.  Have a branded vehicle? Park it in a high visibility spot so attendees see it on their way in. If you don’t have one, you might consider a wrap or partial wrap that focuses on promoting your brand and this specific product.


Don’t Let Them Forget

Capturing hundreds or thousands of leads at an event or driving new traffic to your website are great objectives, but the follow up is where most companies fail. When the excitement of the event dies down and everyone returns to their everyday routine you want to have an aggressive multi-touch campaign to reach out, answer questions and set appointments to get your product front and center. Make sure you work out who will handle this important task and when it will be executed so you can stay top of mind with your audience.


Have an event coming up? Tie in these ideas into your strategy in order to promote your product before, during and after an event to maximize visibility.

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