Tips for Keeping Your Workflow Organized and Efficient Through Signs and Graphics

by Jayme Nelson

Creating an organized and efficient workflow is key to helping employees be productive while feeling happy and safe. Using signs and visual graphics to improve workflow can enhance collaboration, save time and extraneous labor, reduce mistakes and injuries, and, ultimately, keep team members more content. 

Identify and Inform 

Visually organize work spaces and clearly identify production areas by hanging signs from the ceilings and on the surrounding walls. Important company policies can be displayed on prints, posters and wall graphics. Communicate important instructions and clarify processes by placing labels and decals on equipment. Keep key messages and programs top of mind with digital signs.

Area identification signs and company messages displayed by wall graphics and digital signs.

Organize and Collaborate

Make the most of the space in your facility by utilizing glass partitions with privacy film or display panels that can enhance decor while providing privacy when needed in offices, conference rooms and break areas. Encourage collaboration among team members with erasable glass boards that capture brainstorming sessions, track projects and share meeting notes. 

Frosted glass and graphics for the interior of an office

Direct and Guide 

Make sure employees and visitors know where to go and how to get there quickly and safely. Keep people and processes moving smoothly with wall and floor graphics, directories, sitemaps and A-frames signs.

Wayfinding signs, floor graphics, and A-frames for an office.

Incorporate a comprehensive visual communications plan at your company to improve communication, maximize efficiency and promote safety among your employees. Assess your workflow regularly to proactively identify areas where improvements—big or small—can be made. If you need inspiration or products to help your workflow, visit FASTSIGNS for help! 

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