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Fast forward 30 years: the personal computer has arrived, accelerating the evolution of signage at a remarkable pace. Computers allowed graphic designers to work with businesses to create custom branding.  These custom designs could now be accurately reproduced on a massive scale. This gave businesses the ability to create mass marketing campaigns based solely on a network of signage solutions.

This was a revolutionary idea for businesses, and sign companies were quick to accommodate their needs, but issues remained. While the personal computer increased design capabilities, the production process lagged behind. The new custom designs were complicated and time-consuming. Signs could be printed relatively quickly but still had to be cut by hand.

But as signs and sign companies have evolved for centuries, they continued to adjust and take advantage of new ideas and new technology. As the personal computer and design converged, so too did the personal computer and printing.  We see this evolution of signs today in 3D printing, high-speed digital printing and design software that produces higher quality signs from a more efficient workflow. And that’s something that sign companies and businesses can both get behind.

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