Amazon YHM6 Sort Center, Whitby


Amazon’s construction team commissioned our team to produce all their signs as per their architects’ designs. They wanted quality signs done on budget and on time that would last a long time so that service cost could be reduced in the future. They wanted to move away from the cheapest quality signs, to ones that would represent their brand.


The FASTSIGNS of South Mississauga & Oakville team produced and installed a 30’ w Amazon logo channel letter sign, 27’ w Amazon Swoosh, 3 sets of 8’ x 12’ wayfinding monuments and numerous wall vinyl decals that represent the Amazon brand. The FASTSIGNS team invested in getting a batch of custom cast translucent vinyl produced that matched their brand colour 100%. We utilized our best fabricators and installers to execute a polished finished product.


Amazon’s YHM6 team was happy with the results. Their warehouse workers feel a sense of belonging and pride when they enter this building and work within the space. The finished product is visually clean and identifiable.

Amazon Interior Signage