5 Unique Uses for Digital Signs at Manufacturing Trade Shows

by Jayme Nelson

The manufacturing trade show booth is more than just a cursory introduction to your company. It’s a window into the culture that drives the company and a reflection of the vision and competency of its employees. OK, that might sound a little dramatic, but in today’s competitive, technology-driven environment, designing a modern trade show display can make a lasting impression on trade show attendees.

As trade shows move further from the cardboard displays of a science fair and closer to the pyrotechnics of a rock concert, it’s important to keep your booth updated with the latest technology. One of the biggest trends of the past few years has been digital signage. Digital signs provide a versatility and flexibility that traditional, static displays can’t. Here are five unique uses for digital signs at a manufacturing trade show that could make your booth stand out.

LED Lights for Creative Space

LED trade show sign

Photo credit: Indy Displays

These backlit displays are big attention-grabbers and give your display creative versatility. One of the benefits of the LED screens is the ability to adapt and change your display environment if your original plans aren’t working. Maybe one color scheme is more welcoming than another, or perhaps a looping video is more likely to make people stop and look than a static logo.

Audio/Video Experience

Video trade show sign

Photo credit: Crunchy Logistics

Digital signs are obviously great for displaying high-quality video, but they also offer the opportunity for narration or music. Adding informative narration to a video can make your display a more interesting and immersive experience. Music is sometimes overlooked, but it offers an effective strategy for creating an environment that could draw your specific customer demographic.


Manufacturing trade show webcast

Photo credit: DaCast

Not everyone can make it to the trade show, but with the help of digital signs, a webcast is able to reach customers and industry enthusiasts from around the world. This requires some planning and insight from a technical standpoint, but the benefits of reaching a bigger audience are obvious. Staging a news program with informative and entertaining stories, employee and attendee interviews is a great way to capture the trade show environment and attract a crowd.

Host a Game

Trade show game sign

Photo credit: Tradetec

Interaction is the name of the game at manufacturing trade shows. Tap into the competitive and entertaining nature of the event by hosting a game facilitated by digital kiosks and interactive touch screens. Games offer attendees a break from the trade show grind, but they also keep attendees engaged with your brand and products.

Social Media Feed

Trade show social media feed

Photo credit: Crunchy Logistics

Most trade shows now have a hashtag that plugs both attendees and the outside world into the event. Display tweets, Facebook and Instagram posts or any other forms of social media on your digital screens. Social media is a great tool for spreading the word about your display and receiving instant feedback from customers and attendees.

Digital signs are one of the most popular trends in manufacturing trade show displays, and for good reason. Incorporating digital signage into displays allows companies to adapt and reach customers on a number of different levels. Because digital signs lend themselves to creativity, trade show displays can do more than simply inform; they can also engage and entertain, creating a more memorable trade show experience. 



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