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Building signs provide the public with valuable information about the building and the business inside. Channel letter signs, hanging signs, and lighted signs are all common types of building signs. Each type has its own pros and cons, so we recommend speaking with a sign professional to determine the best types of signs for your business.


There are many types and styles of signs used in and on buildings. Here are some of the most popular building sign products and their uses:


Storefront signs are the most common type of building sign. They are typically made of dimensional letters, channel letters, or a lighted box / cabinet sign, which is mounted on the front of the building. Storefront signs provide valuable branding and marketing exposure for businesses.


Dimensional letter signs are a popular choice for storefronts and office buildings. They are made of individual letters that are mounted to the building surface. Dimensional letter signs are a great way to affordably create a professional look. Dimensional letters are also used as interior building signs and can be made from acrylic and injected Styrofoam.


Channel letter signs are similar to dimensional letter signs in that they are also comprised of individual letters, but the letters are made of metal with an acrylic face that covers the interior cavity where lighting elements can be installed. The main advantage of channel letter signs over dimensional letters is that the letters themselves can be lit internally and dimensional letters need to be lit from the front or back. Channel letter signs are popular with restaurants and retail stores throughout Sacramento.


Billboards are perhaps the most well known and recognizable type of sign, and due to their size, they are almost always found outside along high traffic roadways and on tops of buildings where they are highly visible. They can be digital or static and range in size. Most billboards are very large so they can be seen from a distance. Some businesses choose to use an exterior wall of their building to mount a large sign image creating a billboard type effect.


Hanging signs are very versatile and can be hung from a ceiling, an entrance area, the side of a building, from a pole and many other suitable building areas. Hanging signs are made from a variety of materials, including metal, plastic, wood, and glass. The hanging materials can be chain, rope, or steel cord.


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