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Religious signs are typically used to market and promote a place of worship as well as provide information about the church, such as the name, address, worship times, and more. Signs can also be used to promote events and activities at the church. Some common types of worship signs include light box signs, LED signs, channel letter signs, and monument signs.


Churches can benefit from investing in high-quality signage. Professional signs help attract new church members. In a heavily concentrated area like Downtown Sacramento where there are many churches and places of worship having a comprehensive sign package is essential.

Below are some of the most popular types of church signs:


Light box signs are a type of illuminated sign that uses electric lighting elements to illuminate the sign's face. They are typically made with aluminum frames and have acrylic or vinyl faces that are illuminated by the lighting elements within the box. Light box signs can be used for both indoor and outdoor applications, and are a perfect sign option for the entrance to your church grounds.


Channel letter signs are made up of 3-dimensional letters, usually made from aluminum or stainless steel, and are illuminated by LEDs, making them a great option for a church or place of worship that wants to be noticed 24/7. Channel letter signs are often used for storefronts, but they can also be installed anywhere you need on your house of worship.


Monument signs are a great way to make a church stand out and be noticed to people driving by. If your church is located far off road, a monument sign can be particularly effective since it can be placed right off the main thoroghfare at the turn in to your property. They are usually made from stone, brick, or concrete and can be customized with your church's name, logo, and other information. Outdoor LED signs can be used in conjunction with monument signs to create a complete church sign system that looks amazing day and night. Adding custom LED signs to your monument allow you to update your message regularly and easily.


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