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Author: FASTSIGNS® of Louisville, KY

Pylon signs show people – from a great distance - which businesses are located within a shopping center or business complex.

What is a Pylon Sign?Franklin Marshall College Pylon Sign

Pylon signs are large, free-standing signs with poles for support, which can be visible on one or both sides. They are made with an aluminum or steel frame with individual panels for the tenant names (various businesses located in the complex). These panels are made from translucent acrylic or polycarbonate and typically have an LED lighting system housed behind. Non-illuminated panels are made from an aluminum composite material (ACM), acrylic, or PVC.

How are Pylon Signs Installed?

Pylon signs need to be installed by a professional sign company like us, FASTSIGNS® of Louisville, KY. First, we obtain the necessary permits from the city and county. Next, we prepare the site by clearing vegetation and leveling the ground. Once the site is ready, we install the sign's foundation, typically made of concrete. Once the foundation is in place, we assemble the sign and attach it to the foundation. Finally, we connect the sign to the electrical power source and test it to ensure it works properly.

Locations which use Pylon Signs

  • Shopping centers

  • Business parks

  • Hotels and motels

  • Auto dealerships

  • Restaurants

  • Car washes

  • Movie theatres

  • Gas stations

  • and more

Can Owners Update and Maintain a Pylon Sign Themselves?

Pylon signs are not meant to be updated by the business owner. When dealing with large signs with electrical components, it's always best to leave it to the professionals. Not only is it unsafe for someone without experience to attempt to update and maintain the sign, but it could also void the sign's warranty. Additionally, it is a danger to the public if the sign is not installed and maintained properly.

Benefits of Pylon Signs

Visibility: Pylon signs are easy to see from a distance making them ideal for people to find the location without driving past.

Wayfinding: Pylon signs work well near the entrance to a shopping center or mall to help customers find the parking lot easily.

Customization Options: Pylon signs are made according to the customer’s specifications. This allows businesses to choose their sign’s size, shape, design, and materials.

Illumination Options: Pylon signs can be lit with multiple different lighting options and styling techniques.

Easy to Update: If tenants located within complex or shopping leave and are replaced, the sign is simple to modify. The panels can easily be replaced to feature a new business at a minimal cost.

Durability: Pylon signs are made to withstand the elements. Heavy-duty construction gives them strength to withstand high winds, rain, and snow.


If you are interested in a pylon sign for your business, contact us, FASTSIGNS® of Louisville, KY, today.