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Healthcare signs are an important part of hospital and medical facilities. Signs direct patients and visitors to the appropriate rooms and service areas providing critical information. Some common types of healthcare signs include room number signs, wayfinding signs, monument signs, medical office signs, and lobby signs.


Room number signs are located outside of patient rooms and staff only areas and identify the room number for visitors and staff alike. They may also include additional information, such as the patient's name occupying the room.


Wayfinding signs help hospital visitors and staff navigate their way around a hospital or healthcare facility. They often include arrows and other visual cues to direct people to their destination. These are important in large medical buildings where people may not be familiar with the layout or where they need to go.


Monument signs are commonly used by hospitals to identify the healthcare facility. Because of the size of most hospitals, it is not unusual for them to have more than one monument sign. Strategically located monument signs create quality ingress and egress and assist visitors in navigating what can be an intimidating situation. Monument signs are large, freestanding signs typically located at hospital or healthcare facility’s entrances to various specialty areas such as emergency rooms. They often include the hospital's name, logo, and sometimes other information such as the address and phone number. Monument signs are customizable and can include LED displays, LED lighting and exterior spotlights.


Medical office signs are designed for private practices, clinics, and medical offices. They often include the name of the practice and the name and title of the doctor or other medical professionals. These signs are essential in helping patients find the right office and promoting the office’s professional image. Because many medical practitioners are geographically bunched together, the strategic use of signage provides clarity for patients and helps to promote the medical professional’s specialty.


Lobby signs are used to direct patients to the appropriate floor and office. Lobby signs are typically located in a hospital or healthcare facility's main lobby or reception area. They offer quick reference to new patients and visitors seeking their medial provider in a sea of medical practices.


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