Cheers to The Champagne Campaign

by Kaitlyn Mullinax

Most nights we eat dinner as a family. It’s the benefit of having a dad that LOVES flipping through the weekly grocery ads searching for the best deals and equally enjoys chefin’ it up in the kitchen (usually with some form of a cocktail or another). During the meal we generally try to leave work out of the conversation. I’d like to think that we genuinely try to avoid work. We’ll talk about the weather, my nieces and nephew, upcoming trips, this small event we’re planning for August 17 (our wedding) and of course the bachelor party because the boys get a kick out of talking about the bait they’re going to use on the fishing trip. During dinner, we avoid work.

But… once we start dishes, it’s game on to talk about the businesses. It’s like someone flips a switch and we’re in full blown planning mode around the butcher block as Aaron meticulously scrubs the pots and pans. Last Sunday, the convo that broke out went something like this: “Sh*t… next week is payroll! We need to get some money in the bank FAST!”

Now, we know that whether or not this was said, we were going to make our payroll somehow. But the truth is, owning a business is expensive and everyone has to get paid.

Aaron and I inevitably feel a special amount of pressure because after all we were the ones that added a healthy chunk to the payroll with our move here. So together, while laying in bed whispering sweet nothings (insert playing candy crush and not speaking to each other) we divulged a plan. And right there, The Champagne Campaign was born.

A new type of goal, one that they’ve never seen before. See, we’ve always based goals on closed sales. This goal was simple. Bring ANY cash to the bank and it counts towards The Champagne Campaign. This could be in the form of a deposit for a long term project, this could be in the form of being the lucky person to grab the checks from the mail, it could be the $105 banner sale to the woman for their dog club. For a complete change of pace, we were competing against ourselves to take deposits and add cash to our bank account.

And guess what… it WORKED! Not only did it work but our team was getting excited when the phone rang. When they got the “Yes, we’re moving forward with you emails”, they’d eagerly give our client a call to collect payment. But more than that our team was then saying, “Let’s just do this in one fell swoop. How about you pay in full today? It’ll make your life easier and then you can just check that off the list and we don’t have to make this call again.” DONE.

We’re able to do this because we’re confident our team will deliver. That our clients will love our products and we are truly making their lives easier.

Now, we ran this for one week. At both centers. At the end of the week we were sipping champagne and celebrating a week of really hard, but good work!

The team was proud, we were proud, and at the end of our day we FAR exceeded the cash in the door goal and it took a little pressure off of everyone.




Set goals. Go get them. And do good work. It sounds so simple, and it really is.

We’re excited to see what March will bring and how we can creatively reward our team.

Cheers to the Champagne Campaign!


Share with us some of your favorite ways to incentivize your team!