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    My role at FASTSIGNS : A solutions provider who helps our customers with their visual communications challenges, I also handle all items related to center’s marketing efforts.
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5 Ways to Visually Communicate Brand Culture

by Larissa Croll

As companies like Google and Starbucks set the pace for what it means to have a “brand culture”, it’s more important than ever for every company to define what makes them unique. This distinction makes a difference to not only end users and the general public, but also when hiring new talent. Brand culture can be achieved through the use of décor, graphics and signage by keeping several basic concepts in mind.

1.  Display What Drives the Company

Company Mission Statement Wall Quote

People are arguably the biggest driver of a brand’s culture and what better way to create a culture than by inspiring your team members to live your brand’s message every day. Just posting a list of core values or placing motivational vinyl wall quotes around the workplace can help remind employees what it is their team, and the company as a whole, is striving for.

2. Match Your Signs to Your Décor

Coffee Bean Meeting Desk Graphic

A storefront is the front line for a brand and nothing spoils an interesting brand more than signs and graphics that don’t match the décor. A trendy farm-themed restaurant with custom prints of farmland in the windows, stools made of recycled tractor seats and menus mounted onto reclaimed barn doors looks a little less quaint and rustic if you realize the other signs in the restaurant are all off-the-shelf, plastic signs. Making sure that even the smallest details match your décor, from the menus on the tables to the identification signs on the kitchen doors, goes a long way when communicating your brand identity. 

3. Show Some Personality

Branded Sidewalk A-Frame Sign

People have likes, dislikes, favorite jokes and unique personalities. So, if people make a brand, then a brand should have a personality, too. Gone are the days where companies are generic, staunchly professional, and devoid of a unique voice. Using signs and graphics to show the human side of a brand goes a long way. Put an A-frame sign on the sidewalk outside of your business featuring funny quotes, list the beers you have on tap on skis mounted to the wall, or showcase point-of-purchase signs made from unexpected items, like vintage books.

4. Remember Where You Came From

Company History Timeline Wall Graphic

Everybody had to start somewhere, including brands, so tell the story of how your company came to be. Displaying an old neon sign from your first storefront or using custom wallpaper to display photos from your company’s past, like photos of your founder or the day you first opened, goes a long way to communicate how your brand has grown.

5. Keep it Consistent

Mexican Sugar Skull Wall Graphic

When you have multiple storefronts, restaurants or offices, consistency makes a brand recognizable. While every location will have its own unique layout, using the same signs and graphics will ensure a strong identity, no matter where in the world a patron is experiencing your brand. Wall murals, posters, directional signage, floor graphics and menu boards are all parts of a customer’s experience that can reinforce brand identity, whether that customer is in Los Angeles or London.

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