Five TV and Movie Cars with Vehicle Graphics We Love

by Jayme Nelson

Vehicle wraps and car decals aren’t just for eager advertisers looking to give brands more drive-time mileage. Over the years, they’ve shown up in some of the most popular films and television series.

We’ve compiled five iconic vehicles here, all with some unique uses of vehicle graphics, and even cooler backstories.

The Jurassic Park Jeep

The telltale red strip painted on this Jeep Wrangler isn’t just a fancy design touch. It keeps Triceratops from chasing the car. Movie buffs will recognize the Jeep pictured as model 18, the car in which Malcolm, Grant and Sattler all get their first taste of Dinosaurs early on in the movie, along with the journey to the helipad in Jurassic Park: The Game .

Jeep 12 was a modified version and carried Dennis Nedry when he transported stolen dinosaur embryos to Miles Chadwick at the East Dock. It later got a rebuild for its spot at Universal Studios Island of Adventure. The studio likely used custom vinyl decals to apply the Jurassic Park logo to the vehicles.  

  Jurassic Park Jeep 18  

(Image Credit: Universal Pictures)

The Bluesmobile

The hottest car driven by the boys in blue during the 70s was a 440 Dodge Monaco, which is why Dan Aykroyd, co-writer of The Blues Brothers’ movie chose it as their super-powered squad car. It had the horsepower to perform daring feats such as jumping over an open drawbridge, flipping backwards midair and even taking flight.


The production crew needed a 24-hour shop in order to make repairs on the 13 vehicles used, including constant paint and graphics fixes. Traditionally, a reflective vehicle lettering made from vinyl PVC film is used on emergency vehicles. This is the same reflective material used on street and safety signs.   

        The original Bluesmobile was Dodge Monaco, featuring similar car graphics to Illinois police cars.


(Image Credit: Universal Pictures)

Herbie The Love Bug


This loveable Volkswagen Beetle featured in the Disney cult classic The Love Bug had a mind, and motor all its own — capable of driving itself and challenging others on the road in racing competitions. The trademark red, white and blue stripes from bumper to bumper, and racing-number “53” car decals adorn this unforgettable star of television and film. Between the popularity of the VW Bug, and iconic vehicle graphics , this is one of the most replicated racing graphics of all-time. 

Herbie The Love Bug features one of the most iconic Vehicle Graphics of all-time.

(Image Credit: Walt Disney Pictures)


The Mystery Machine

Shaggy, Scooby-doo and the crime-solving gang used to pile into in The Mystery Machine, one of the most psychedelic of all van wraps with its flower power theme — and chase ghosts, monsters or other menacing supernatural creatures. The original Mystery Machine is considered to be a modified 1965 Chevrolet Greenbrier. 

        The Mystery Machine from the 2002 Scooby Doo film.        

(Image Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures)

Ecto1 – from Ghostbusters

“Who you gonna call?” Ghostbusters, the crew of parapsychology professors who after losing their university jobs branched out on their own, trapping and removing ghosts from haunted houses. The famous ghostbusting machine in the comedy film was a Cadillac Miller-Meteor limo-style endloader with known as the legendary Ecto-1.


In Ghostbusters 2, the team opts to give the vehicle a boost with updated vehicle graphics, and the addition of an electric sign.  The Ecto-1 and 1a also utilized reflective vinyl decals like other emergency vehicles.

The original Ecto-1 was a modified 1959 Cadillac hearse.

(Image Credit: Columbia Pictures)

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