Creating Mouth-Watering Visual Graphics to Brand a New Facility

by Cynthia Nutwell

The Opportunity

Dessert maker Steven-Roberts Originals (SROriginals) located their bakeries, warehouse and corporate headquarters under one roof in a new facility in suburban Denver.

Steven-Roberts Originals (SROriginals) Wall sign

The Challenge

SROriginals contacted FASTSIGNS® of Denver to extend their branding to a warehouse and corporate offices. The communications challenge was to build awareness for the SROriginals brand while communicating key messages to visitors and employees in both English and Spanish.

Steven-Roberts Originals (SROriginals) Monument Sign Steven-Roberts Originals (SROriginals) Wall Graphic

The Solution

FASTSIGNS consulted with the President of SROriginals to learn about his vision for mouth-watering signs and visual graphics in the exterior and interior locations of the facility. The FASTSIGNS team provided solutions including wall graphics, dry erase boards in conference rooms and dimensional logo signs with standoffs in the entrance, reception, stairways and office areas.

The reception area and entrance stairs to the corporate office needed to appeal to job applicants. FASTSIGNS provided creative designs for the signage that featured the new corporate logo, slogan and core values in both English and Spanish.

Steven-Roberts Originals (SROriginals) Wall Sign Steven-Roberts Originals (SROriginals)

“We helped SROriginals with their goal of welcoming job applicants to their office by adding signage in the reception area and a bilingual wall graphic in the employee hallway,” FASTSIGNS’ Andrea Hair said. “In the reception area, our team designed a unique custom interior décor piece featuring Aspen trees to serve as a room divider in the office.”

FASTSIGNS also created colorful banners to point the way to a test kitchen where chefs prepare new dessert recipes. The entrances and landings of stairwells were branded with enticing product photos of desserts.

Introducing signs with a purpose to cover bay door openings, FASTSIGNS added images of the company’s desserts and visual graphics to represent teamwork, speed to market, innovation and scalability.

The Result

Steven-Roberts Originals (SROriginals) Monument Sign Steven-Roberts Originals (SROriginals) Wall Graphic

SROriginals received branding that turned a new facility into a uniquely warm and welcoming corporate headquarters that reflected the company brand message and showcased their dessert products. “Since then, we’ve helped SROriginals with various sign solutions including an illuminated building sign featuring halo lighting and other projects as the company remodels a building for an employee welcome and hiring center,” Hair said.

*FASTSIGNS® of Denver is owned by Andrea and Jerry Hair.