Digital Signs Help You Communicate with Employees and Customers

by April Angele

Don’t you just love it when you discover a tool that performs multiple functions? Digital signage with text, photos, videos and live news or social media feeds has the ability to communicate different messages to the same or different viewers, with motion and sound.

The applications for digital signage extend as far as the imagination can go as this fast-evolving technology is relevant to all business environments from hospitality, sports, and entertainment establishments to educational entities, manufacturing facilities and retailers.

Employee Welcome Sign

Welcome Visitors to Your Business – and Be Personal About It

Many hotels and convention centers will welcome, by name, groups that are guests in their facility.  Gone are the days of the time-consuming changeable letter boards. With digital signage, your welcome can also be dynamic and eye catching, but even more importantly, very personal. You can welcome your visitors by group, date, industry or even by name easily with a digital sign.

Customer loyalty is improved when they feel valued and appreciated. Up to 68% of customers leave a business because they believe it does not care about them, according to However, just a five percent increase in customer retention can result in a profit increase between 25 and 95 percent, according to Small Business Trends.

The best strategies for customer retention and employee development include recognition and appreciation components. Using your digital sign for this important strategy is a cost-effective use of this flexible tool.

Brag About Your Business Successes

Everyone likes to be a part of a successful team — as a customer or employee. It’s human nature to be attracted to successful people and businesses. Those goals you and your team work hard to achieve improve your bonds with your customers and your employees when they are promoted on digital displays. Your employees share pride in the team’s accomplishments and have the opportunity to share your company’s projects and awards with customers.

Employee Apprecieation Sign

Brag About Your Employees

Show your appreciation for jobs well done by announcing it front and center on your digital display.

Employee recognition is linked to better business performance. According to Business News Daily, research suggests “companies that excel at employee recognition are on average 12 times more likely than their peers to generate strong business results, including higher profitability and better market leadership positions.” Bragging about employee accomplishments, from longevity to professional certifications and even regular kudos for a job well done, helps motivate employees and engender a sense of ownership and accountability.

Invite your employees and your customers to be a part of your business’s success. Utilize your digital display to educate your customers about your services and products, but don’t overlook the opportunity to enhance relationships with your customers and employees, resulting in improved customer relations and employee productivity.